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Royal berry — persimmon

3 magic secret of this fruit

Persimmon already a month has taken a strong place among fruits on the shelves of Russia. However, to buy it dare not everyone — knits. Not only is it not tasty, and even disgusting. found out the tricks of the fetus.

Secret # 1

Choose plump, shiny fruit with a smooth skin. Main thing is that the fruit no stains and Bochkov, and even more cracks. Green leaves speak about its ripeness. If it flows, it is necessary to eat immediately and enjoy. Otherwise, put it in a paper bag with an Apple or a banana. So the berries quickly ripen.

Царская ягода — хурма

This is a seasonal продукт

Secret # 2

We all get sick in the winter. However, few people know that the persimmon — an alternative to citrus, to which many are allergic. In not so many also contains vitamin C, a reliable defender of influenza and respiratory diseases.

Царская ягода — хурма

Decoration дерева

Secret # 3

This fruit slows down the aging process, as rich in catechins — antioxidants that do not allow cells to collapse under the action of free radicals. Exactly the astringent taste of persimmon and its astringency, the cause of this, moreover, they perfectly protect gums. The largest number of anti-aging elements contained in the skins, so those who are short-sighted cuts her lose anti-aging effect.

Царская ягода — хурма

It is used in many блюдах


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