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How to distinguish natural honey

A few simple ways to make sure that you bought a fake

Honey is a rich source of vitamins and minerals. But instead, on the shelves you can find substitutes that are not only not helpful but can do serious harm.

When buying honey it is important to consider the following points.

Taste. When you taste honey, you must feel not only cloying sweetness. Natural product in its aftertaste has a light bitterness, which, as it burns the throat when swallowing. Buy honey only in the places where you will be able to pre-try.

Aroma. It needs to be unobtrusive. The mawkishness typical of artificial flavors. Of natural product should be a light floral or herbal scent, depending on the season of collection by the bees of pollen. The lack of smell also should be alerted.

Color. Do not buy honey with a pronounced "whitish". This may indicate that the bees were fed ordinary sugar syrup. Accordingly, the benefits of this product is much lower than the honey from a natural source.

Early spring on the shelves of markets may be on sale buckwheat honey. This product has a dark color. But be careful, for it can issue from melted honey. So if you love the honey of the current season, purchase it only from reliable sellers.


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