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6 foods that you should consume in moderation

Overdose can be hazardous to your health

Product No. 1

Lovers of soy sauce say can get him to eat anything. It improves the taste of the spoiled chef meals. However, remember that to use this seasoning is mild. With soy in the body receives sodium, its overdose may cause cerebral hemorrhage.

6 продуктов, которые надо потреблять в меру

Convulsions and loss of consciousness - symptoms of overdose soy соусом

Product No. 2

Black tea invigorates and tones. On a cold day it will warm, the hot will refresh. But do not abuse this drink. In tea contains a substance oxalate, which is excreted from the body and can cause kidney failure.

6 продуктов, которые надо потреблять в меру

In the day you can drink up to 6 cups чая

Product No. 3

Nutmeg is a tasty and useful spice that gives your dishes a delicacy. However, if you eat more than two tablespoons of this product may experience hallucinations.

6 продуктов, которые надо потреблять в меру

Walnut can cause видения

Product No. 4

Many children love all kinds of licorice, and the manufacturers try to make their various forms to attract young customers. Worms, bears, cartoon characters — sweets for every taste. But don't let the kids get too carried away by them. The liquorice contains glycyrrhizin, which leads to a decrease in the level of potassium. When the strong fall can rise blood pressure and cause heart failure.

6 продуктов, которые надо потреблять в меру

Follow детьми

Product No. 5

One more thing, without which it can not do the younger generation, fizzy drinks. The trouble is that they contain a lot of sugar. The excessive use of "pop" can cause the development of diabetes and obesity.

6 продуктов, которые надо потреблять в меру

Too much sugar вредно

Product # 6

Tuna is called the fish-meat. This is a tasty and healthy product. However, its meat contains little amount of mercury that when overeating is fraught with poisoning.

6 продуктов, которые надо потреблять в меру

Tuna you can't eat every день


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