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Blog: why the love for desserts is not considered a dependency

I never understood the sweet tooth. I am especially wary of solid-looking men, manic absorbing chocolates and biscuits. Maybe they need a doctor?

Our Italian friend, Domenico was quite sour. In the County happened a terrible crisis with the supply, and the poor man couldn't cook your favorite dessert. "Mama mia..." — sighed Domenico in a grocery store, and the proprietor nodded sympathetically frustrated customer. It was all about some cookies. However, for us it is "some", and Domenico — "the same". Short-run factory, your old recipe biscuits impregnation liquor in your favorite dessert you need only this and no more. The grocer argued that, perhaps, will find it tomorrow. But even our modest information about the southern Italian way of life enough to say: "tomorrow" means a week, not less.

We were very surprised when after a couple of days Domenico still happy with the cookies. And the day he brought us a sample of a rather big slice of dolce vita. According to pastry-lover followed is very simple. Then the biscuits to pour the mixture of mascarpone, a few eggs, a small amount of dry cocoa, a large number of grated chocolate and a generous portion of brandy. Then the freezer and after several hours, ready that will lead to a heart attack any dietitian. In my opinion, like ice cream. Thick, oily, moderately sweet and incredibly tasty. Really I could write? I don't eat sweets. And even prefer fruits after they have undergone the process of fermentation or distillation. But in this situation I was willing to share a General enthusiasm for local ingredients and a deft hand. Ate as much as two teaspoons…

Unhealthy obsession of adults to sweets explained in different ways. Sometimes the reason I see the lack of candy in childhood. Sometimes the dilapidated personal life. They even say that a bag of candy serves as a kind of life-saving bridge to get from the beginning dull working day to its end. For me so much easier. Sweet tooth, I suggest you to admit the obvious: you are banal of glucose alcoholics, people deprived of will and imagination. But far worse than that is your passion to sugar somehow not considered in society than something dirty and shameful. And those who call to start a war with the confectionary industry, called the weird.

But the output is still there. Go to the South of Italy and meet Domenico. If you behave yourself, he will let you try your home-made dessert and maybe even teach him to cook. And you know what the real sweet happiness, which, incidentally, fits in two tea spoons.


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