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5 misconceptions about red and white wine

Fans of the drink have become hostages of stereotypes

Misconception # 1

We all know that the bottle got clogged a wooden stopper. Only in this case the wine is good, and everything else is a substitute. However, more and more manufacturers are beginning to use metal screw caps — so convenient. Besides, the tree collapsed inwards or accrocheuses, can spoil the taste of the drink.

5 заблуждений о красном и белом вине

Even the French began to close tubes only dear вина

Misconception # 2

White should be drunk ice-cold and red — warm. Do not spoil the wine, nothing to freeze, so you are depriving the drink of taste and smell. 12-14 degrees is a normal temperature.

"Warm" red is the temperature in the rooms of the castle, and not food with a "warm wall". When overheating, the drink gets rough, you can feel the alcohol. So hold on to it for a few minutes in the refrigerator before serving. Recommended serving temperature: 16-18 degrees. To avoid mistakes, buy a wine thermometer, it's worth a few hundred rubles.

5 заблуждений о красном и белом вине

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Misconception number 3

Red — meat, white — fish. This is another misconception: when serving wine to a dish is important, not the product, and its color. For example, under a chicken breast it is appropriate to apply white wine and salmon steak pink.

5 заблуждений о красном и белом вине

The color of the drink depends on the color блюда

Misconception # 4

Old wine is better than young. Who would argue, but the price of a bottle from the basement of the castle in Burgundy not everyone can afford. So if you choose a cheap drink, then drink wine, because then it just loses its taste.

5 заблуждений о красном и белом вине

If you do not have a wine cellar, drink young вино

Misconception No. 5

Desserts and fruits are nice to drink wine — this idea is still in the minds of the inhabitants. However, remember that the chocolate will completely change the taste of the drink, it will seem sour and sharp. The candy will be on the contrast is very sweet. Fruit similar story.

5 заблуждений о красном и белом вине

Wine and cheese - the perfect сочетание


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