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5 rules for the use of water

How much, how and when you need to drink to be healthy

Rule # 1

All probably already heard the advice that the day should drink two liters of water or eight glasses. It is not so. Petite girl living in the North, you need a lot less liquid than large man, located in the southern latitudes. Consult with your dietitian, he will pick the norm for you.

5 правил употребления воды

Number of water needed depends on the mass тела

Rule # 2

Bottle or bowl of water should always be at hand. Focus on your feelings in order to prevent dehydration. Whatever we do this time in order to quench your thirst, we bring to your body.

5 правил употребления воды

Thirsty? Drink!

Rule # 3

Before any meal drink a glass of water is the main key to proper nutrition. You have activated the process of digestion, the food will be better digested, and the feeling of hunger will decrease, this means that you do not consume extra calories.

5 правил употребления воды

A glass of water before meals - норма

Rule # 4

For a long time, we were told that during the meal to drink harmful. Like, the water dilutes the gastric juices and reduces acidity, slowing the metabolism and digestion of food. It is a myth, much more dangerous is dry. Gastroenterologists insist on fluid intake during lunch, it will soften the dry food ball, improving its permeability.

5 правил употребления воды

Lunch can and should запивать

Rule # 5

A few SIPS of clean drinking water immediately after eating it is possible to afford if you experience extreme thirst. However, it is better to wait some time to digest the food a bit. This will avoid such unpleasant moments, as the bloating, heaviness and abdominal pain.

5 правил употребления воды

Add water and fruit соки


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