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A value of 7 days carnival

Preparing for the evening mother-in-law and zolovkina gatherings

Carnival is one of the most fun and anticipated holidays of the year, which lasts exactly 7 days. Before entering Great lent, it is customary to say good-bye to winter, enjoy the upcoming spring bake pancakes — a symbol of the sun and visit each other's homes. Pancake week in 2018 will start on 12 February and will end on February 18.


First day of Maslenitsa is called "Meeting". Housewives bake pancakes, and the first treat to receive the poor and needy people. On this day, our ancestors made a Scarecrow of winter and put it in the middle of the village, where it stood until Sunday.

Значение 7 дней Масленицы

Damn - the symbol солнца


The second day of the week was called "Zaigrysh". Began festivities, mostly they involved young people. Unmarried boys and girls to go sledding, ice slides, roundabouts.

Значение 7 дней Масленицы

Tuesday - children's day and молодежи


The day is called "gourmand". According to tradition, in the house there are the first guests: close friends, neighbors, relatives. A special honor Wednesday the in — law-a family's daughter came to her parents. They were treated to pancakes, honey cakes and pies. Also on this day was conducted by horse-drawn carriage rides and fist fights.

Значение 7 дней Масленицы

"There will come a son-in-law, where the sour cream to take?"


The middle of the week is popularly called "Razguliay." Thursday starts Maslenitsa. People started to dance, sing songs, inviting spring. Tobogganing and playing snowballs.

Значение 7 дней Масленицы

Wide Maslenitsa was welcomed all миром


"Teschin evening Moscow" — so called in the old days this day, as brother-in-law in their home met and treated the wife's mother.

Значение 7 дней Масленицы

The pancakes served with honey, jam, caviar, fish, but not мясо

It's Saturday.

"Zolovkina gatherings". Daughter was invited sisters husband, talked with them, gave gifts.

Значение 7 дней Масленицы

Saturday - women's день


Seventh, the last day of carnival. "Forgiveness Sunday," since Sunday, we ask forgiveness of all whom you have offended wittingly or unwittingly. This is a farewell pancake, the winter, the ritual burning of effigies.

Значение 7 дней Масленицы

On the last day accompanied зиму


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