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5 foods that are good for memory

Don't forget to use them regularly


This product improves blood circulation. Oxygen from the blood faster it gets to the brain, which starts better and faster to work with. Eat 2-3 cloves of garlic every day, your memory will be stronger.

5 продуктов полезных для памяти

The smell will help hide петрушка


Walnuts contain B vitamins necessary for brain function, and E, it does not allow the memory to deteriorate with age. Fatty acids contained in this product is also very useful.

5 продуктов полезных для памяти

A handful of nuts is better таблеток


It has a lot of vitamin B12, and it is important to remember information. Drink per day two glasses of milk.

5 продуктов полезных для памяти

The milk storehouse В


Contained in honey glucose has a positive effect on the brain and the tenacity of memory. Add this product to your diet.

5 продуктов полезных для памяти

Eat honey ежедневно


It is rich in iodine. This trace mineral supports mental clarity and increases IQ.

5 продуктов полезных для памяти

Include in the diet of marine капусту


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