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5 prerequisite products in the Easter basket

What is the meaning of the meal in the Day of Christ's Resurrection

Resurrection of Christ — the celebration of Easter is one of the most important holidays for Christians. It has its ritual dishes that are customary to eat on this day, at the end of lent, which lasted 48 days. The day before, on Saturday, the faithful gather for the Easter basket and carry it for the consecration in the Church. So what is it and why?


This is the main symbol of the holiday and Sunday. He must be sweet and baked with yeast. Such bread was on the table during the last meal of Jesus and his disciples — the last supper.

5 обязательных продуктов в пасхальной корзине

The cake must be leavened теста


Eggs symbolize new life. According to legend, after Christ's resurrection Mary Magdalene went with the news to the Emperor Tiberius as a gift to him she took the egg. But the ruler didn't believe her, they say, cannot be resurrected, it's as if the egg white was red. And it happened on his astonished eyes. Therefore, the traditional color of coloring eggs red.

5 обязательных продуктов в пасхальной корзине

Now, there are many dyes for яиц


This cheese dish with raisins, nuts and candied fruit, has the shape of a truncated pyramid. It is a symbol of Golgotha, where Christ was crucified.

5 обязательных продуктов в пасхальной корзине

Easter symbolizes Голгофу


Salt symbolizes prosperity, relationship with the people of God and the meaning of life.

5 обязательных продуктов в пасхальной корзине

Sanctify соль


Since Christ is compared to the sacrificial lamb who gave his life for the salvation of men, so the meat is also optional product in the Easter basket. The only condition, it must be without blood, for example, sausage. In addition, Sunday is the first day when allowed to eat meat after fasting.

5 обязательных продуктов в пасхальной корзине

Sometimes the cake is made in the form ягненка

In addition to the mandatory, in the cart you can add products according to your desire: milk, cheese, butter, fruits and vegetables. Chocolate eggs and sweets with Easter symbols are of particular delight of children.


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