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Yanina Melehova: "cooking for me is natural and easy"

The actress who played the "Hipsters" and "Hunters for diamonds", was born in Belarus. talked to the artist about Belarusian cuisine

Ioannina, Belarusian cuisine is famous for its potato dishes. Tell us about your favorites.

The most famous dish of the Belarusian cuisine is draniki. I love him very much but cook and eat rare, as it is quite rich in calories. Our family has own recipe: potatoes RUB on a coarse grater, then pancakes when frying become crunchy and keep their shape better. Make pancakes with different fillings (as in Russian cuisine-pancakes) with meat, cheese and even doctoral sausage. Pancakes are eaten with lots of sour cream. Even in Belarus I love and often cook potato zrazy. But the hash, which I first tried in Russia, still can not accept. I prefer our beetroot — cold, sweet soup made from beets. Preparing a broth of beets, beets rubbed on a grater, then cut cucumber and boiled egg, add a variety of greens. The sweeter the beet, the soup turns out delicious. If the beet is sweet enough, the soup can be sweetened with sugar. Try it, very tasty.

— Who taught you to cook?

— I can cook almost all dishes of Belarusian cuisine. Cooking nobody taught me, cooking for me is natural and easy, it is inherent in me from birth. I very well distinguish the taste of food. I have enough to try the dish and I already know that part. But I confess: I have loved more than to cook. (Laughs.) So do it quickly. Cooking dinner takes me no more than thirty minutes. At the same time operate all burners, brewed from the first, second, salad and fruit compote.

— Do you have special recipes?

— Yes, it's pancakes with a filling of cottage cheese.

Янина Мелехова: «Процесс приготовления еды для меня естественный и легкий»

The most famous dish of the Belarusian cuisine — granitite:

Pancakes with cottage cheese from Ioannina the Melekhova

Ingredients: potatoes, salt, flour, dried garlic and onion, crumbly dry cheese, egg, sugar.

Method of preparation: grate the potatoes on a grater, add salt to taste, a spoonful of flour, a pinch of dried garlic and onions. Mix well. Curd is done as the dough for cheese cakes: dry cottage cheese mixed with egg, add salt, sugar. Continue to make layers: spoon potato spoon cottage cheese mixture, top with another layer of potatoes. And fry over moderate heat on both sides. Get fast, hearty and delicious.


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