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5 rules when cooking barbecue

Fry the meat on the grill — the art

Rule # 1

I'll give you a kebab from the shop or you have marinated the meat, is chicken, or pork is a matter of taste. Most importantly, don't mess it up while cooking, and it is very easy if you strung the pieces close to each other, which prevents the roasting. Not save space on the skewers, leave a distance of half an inch between the joints.

5 правил при готовке шашлыка

Do not skimp место .

Rule # 2

You shouldn't mix vegetables and meat and cooking time are different. While the lamb roasts, as it should, tomatoes and onions will burn. Them easier to cook on the grill separately, when the heat from the coals isn't as strong.

5 правил при готовке шашлыка

Meat and vegetables совместимы

Rule # 3

Stringing the pieces on a skewer, ensure that they were the same size, otherwise large will be cooked and a little dry. Pickling the meat yourself, cut it into equal cubes of about 4-5 inches, then you don't need to be "on" during cooking.

5 правил при готовке шашлыка

Different products are easier to cook on решетке

Rule # 4

It just seems to be that you fry the meat can be on anything. Though fir branches in the woods break it up or burn old fence. The quality of wood is of great importance for the taste of food. "Right" is birch wood or deciduous trees, dry and free of twigs and leaves. In the store you can buy a ready-made coal, but sold next to the igniter is not worth taking. Otherwise, your meat will not with the scent of smoke and chemicals.

5 правил при готовке шашлыка

Goty coal will be серым

Rule # 5

No need to throw the coals in the fire, neither water nor wine, or marinade. Oh, you just simmer and reduce the heat. Getting on meat, cold liquid prevents uniform cooking. To extinguish the flames, remove the skewers for a few seconds from the grill and stir the coals. Just move the kebabs to the side is not necessary, it will settle the dust.

5 правил при готовке шашлыка

Not salivate пламя


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