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Anna Buturlin: "Before the concerts, try not to eat"

The actress shared with a family recipe that will not harm the figure

Singer Anna Buturlin know all the girls and their mothers. She voiced Princess Elsa from the cartoon "the Cold heart". And performed by Anna song "Let it go" is still a favorite hit in many Russian families. For Anna prepared the family meal.

— Anna, probably like every woman, you periodically sit on diets?

Didn't sit, but there are limitations. To select products, seriously: look at the composition. If to speak about my professional diet, I don't allow themselves to cold drinks, especially in summer. Saving my vocal cords. Well, overeating is not.

— What foods not to eat for a very long time?

— My diet consists of no fast food and all junk food. At home I cook only easy diet food.

— Say you love Georgian cuisine?

— I fell in love with Georgian cuisine since childhood, when dad once brought me and my mom to the Georgian restaurant on Arbat street.

— You know how to cook Georgian dishes?

— Not just baked khachapuri of various types. Bread and cheese — a combination unmatched!

— You have two daughters. Girls help in the kitchen?

The eldest daughter already tries himself in the kitchen. She bakes cakes, pies, pancakes. As a little girl while trying our masterpieces. She is under two years old.

— When cooking, something humming?

— I always sing.

— Perhaps, "Let it go" — the anthem of your family?

— Approximately so. Although my eldest daughter Eudoxia together and sing many other songs.

Анна Бутурлина: «Перед концертами стараюсь не есть»

Stewed zucchini from Anne Buturlinovka: materials of press-services

Braised zucchini
Zucchini cut into slices thickness of about a centimeter. If zucchini young, small, cleaning is not necessary. If large, peel, half lengthwise and take out seeds. Lightly fry the slices from both sides, a little podsalivaya on vegetable oil. I prefer grape seed oil because it has a high smoke point and can withstand high-temperature cooking. Every roasted batch, place it into a large pot and every time and cover it to the zucchini languished. Then put the saucepan on a low heat and simmer stirring the zucchini under the cover for about fifteen minutes. When the zucchini gave the juice quite generously add sour cream, gently distribute it in the pan, so as not to damage the slices. All the beauty that the circles retained, but was soft. Simmer for another fifteen minutes, periodically dispensing the cream so that all the slices in barbecue sauce. In the final of the squash should be very tender. Spices do not put, because the flavor of zucchini with sour cream excellent by itself.


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