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5 ways to change the taste of food

Why we prefer the same food, but in different circumstances

1. Price

The more expensive the food, the tastier it seems to us. We just used to think that expensive drinks or products are of the highest quality. But shrimp fishing in the dining room, most likely fresher than in a nearby restaurant, although the price will vary significantly.

5 способов изменить вкус еды

Important цена

2. Packaging

We all pay attention to the beautiful packaging. It seems that if the manufacturer didn't spend on designers, and all wrapped in conventional film, its poor quality. We will pokupaem food because of the inscription "Eco", "no GMO" — it was delicious.

5 способов изменить вкус еды

Note пользу

3. Submission

If you want to lose weight, do not buy red or orange utensils — it stimulates the appetite. On the bloody plates of food we feel juicier and tastier. Choose soothing colors for the kitchen.

5 способов изменить вкус еды

Look at посуду

4. The smell

This ploy used by the supermarkets. Have you noticed that the division of fruit or bread, often located at the entrance because the smell appetizing.

5 способов изменить вкус еды

The smell of bread stand немногие

5. Place

Our opinion of a dish can influence the place where we eat, as well as the stereotypes that are known to us: the best a croissant made in France, khachapuri in Georgia, and Burger in America. Eating on the veranda with a beautiful view, it seems much more tasty the same, but eaten at the bar in a noisy room.

5 способов изменить вкус еды

The entourage affects вкус


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