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5 mistakes in cooking meat

Can poison even the most recent product

Mistake # 1

Never defrost meat in the open air or without packaging. Flies will gladly leave on your piece of juicy beef their eggs.

5 ошибок в приготовлении мяса

Do not leave the stuffing открытым

Mistake # 2

Use separate knives, boards and utensils for meats and vegetables. Make no mistake that you are all well washed. A kitchen sponge can be 200 thousand times dirtier than the toilet seat.

5 ошибок в приготовлении мяса

Board products must be разными

Mistake # 3

Do not wash raw meat, if, of course, not lying on the floor. Spray the bacteria from the product fall into the sink, countertops and other kitchen surfaces, and thence to your plate.

5 ошибок в приготовлении мяса

Meat enough heat обработки

Mistake # 4

Sampling of raw meat products during cooking dangerous. You can pick up the eggs of worms, not to mention other harmful microorganisms.

5 ошибок в приготовлении мяса

Follow прожаркой

Mistake # 5

Use the marinade from raw meat with prepared food. Many people love to throw the prepared skewers with the liquid in which he was preparing — you can't do that.

5 ошибок в приготовлении мяса

The finished dish should not be confused with сырым


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