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Recipes with berries

July is the most delicious month as ripen almost all berries that grow in our territory. will tell what they can cook

BlackBerry yogurt

BlackBerry starts to catch up with the end of June and fruiting in September. Berry, like raspberry, is garden and forest. BlackBerry is considered the most low-calorie berry, it contains a lot of fiber, proteins, saccharides, and vitamins and minerals.

Ingredients: 1 Cup blackberries, 0.5 l yogurt, 1 packet of vanilla sugar, 1 banana, ground cinnamon, a sprig of mint or lemon balm for decoration.

Method of preparation: all ingredients except mint and cinnamon, folded into a bowl for whipping. At a low speed to turn everything into a puree, and then whip. Before serving, sprinkle with cinnamon and garnish with mint sprig.

Dumplings with blueberries

Blueberries and lots of vitamins and minerals that strengthen the immune system. It is believed that the biggest benefit is contained in the skin of the berries. The value of the blueberry in that it includes all essential amino acids.

Ingredients: 3 tbsp. flour, 2 tbsp. blueberries, 0.5 St. sugar, 2 eggs, water.

Method:cook the water before preparation of the dough is better in the freezer, it needs to be ice cold. On the table slide to pour the sifted flour, beat eggs, gradually add water (you will need a little less than a Cup). Knead the dough. Roll into a ball, wrap with cling film and put into the refrigerator. Berries mix gently with sugar. Try not to crush them to juice. Roll the dough into the reservoir. Glass cut the same circles. Put the filling and to take. Cook in boiling water after surfacing for another 2-3 minutes.

Marmalade gooseberry

Gooseberry strengthens blood vessels, regulates cholesterol and blood glucose. These berries are recommended for recovery after psychological stress.

Ingredients: 500 g gooseberries, 250 g of sugar.

Method of preparation: berries (slightly unripe is better) pour into a saucepan with a thick bottom, a drop of water. Cover and keep on low heat until the berries are soft. The berries pass through a sieve. The resulting slurry was put on fire and to give to writing a rolling boil until the volume is reduced by half. Gradually add sugar, until the mixture thickens. The resulting jam evenly spread on a pan or baking sheet. When it hardens, cut into pieces. You can sprinkle sugar powder.


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