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5 tips on how to choose a ripe and juicy watermelon

In August and September, this berry can replace dessert

Tip # 1

When selecting fruit, pay attention to the size. Little watermelon can be immature, but big doesn't always mean he's pumped full of nitrates. There are varieties, the weight of the berries which is on average 20 kg. In this case it is better to stick to the Golden middle.

5 советов, как выбрать спелый и сочный арбуз

Choose ripe арбузы

Tip # 2

Pay attention to the so-called "cheek" — a bright spot on the side of the watermelon. This place he lay on the ground. If the stain is large, it means that the fruit ripened for a long time, he lacked sunlight. Most likely, it will be unsweetened. This sign works, if the "cheek" of white color. It should have a yellow shade — the brighter, the better, then you will enjoy the sugar flavor of the berries.

5 советов, как выбрать спелый и сочный арбуз

Do not buy cut плоды

Tip # 3

To identify a ripe watermelon could be the sound. Ripe fruit when tapped on it it sounds loud, but when compressed emits a crackling. Unripe or overripe — produces a hollow sound.

5 советов, как выбрать спелый и сочный арбуз

Sugar watermelons sound звонко

Tip # 4

When buying, inspect the rind. There should not be dents, spots, rotten areas and cracks. Juicy and nutritious flesh is the ideal environment for bacteria. You run the risk of poisoning or get stomach upset. It is therefore not necessary to buy half a quarter of a watermelon.

5 советов, как выбрать спелый и сочный арбуз

Look at полоски

Important and drawing on the watermelon strips should be clear, and the shell glossy, hard that it was impossible to scratch with a fingernail. Choose fruit with a large distance between the bands, they are more sweet.

Tip # 5

Half a watermelon is also affect the taste. It is believed that girls are sweeter than boys. This is due to better pollination. Have your flower girls more to determine it on the big stain left on it. Watermelons have male spot convex and smaller in size. But dry tail us nothing says, dry as he could for three days, until the watermelons from Astrakhan went to Moscow.

5 советов, как выбрать спелый и сочный арбуз

Watermelon-girl вкуснее


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