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9 useful properties of melon find out why you need to eat these fruits

Property No. 1

Melon is a storehouse of vitamins. It nourishes our body with ascorbic acid, which in it more than in lemons or oranges. The fruits contain vitamin a, group b and nicotinic acid PP.

9 полезных свойств дыни

Melon is very полезна

Property No. 2

Gives us a melon and lots of minerals. It iron, sodium, potassium, calcium. They ensure normal metabolic functioning of the body and removing from it the toxic substances.

9 полезных свойств дыни

She is good in combination with other фруктами

Property No. 3

This aromatic product increases the body's defenses and leads to normal hemoglobin.

9 полезных свойств дыни

Coming to мясу

Property No. 4

Eating melons contribute to improved health for kidney stones, illnesses of a liver and kidneys.

9 полезных свойств дыни

In harmony with овощами

Property No. 5

Eaten for dessert a slice of this fragrant fruit will help your stomach easier to digest lunch. Melon improves digestion.

9 полезных свойств дыни

Varieties of melons, there is множество

Property No. 6

Men for potency is useful to take a powder of melon seeds.

9 полезных свойств дыни

"Farm girl" can be grown in Подмосковье

Property No. 7

Ripe melon turns out not only delicious but also very healthy juice. Only process the fruit along with the peel. Along with beverages in the body will arrive chlorophyll is an important component of blood.

9 полезных свойств дыни

Mostly fruit driven from the Middle Азии

Property No. 8

In folk medicine with the help of a melon and its seeds expel worms.

9 полезных свойств дыни

"Torpedo" the сочные

Property No. 9

Going to lose weight? Buy a melon, it is perfectly cleanses the body. Together with the excess water out and harmful substances.

9 полезных свойств дыни

Melon is perfectly located for консервирования


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