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Unexpectedly: 5 facts about the benefits of beer

How to get rid of wrinkles and make hair strong with beer

Fact # 1

Say at once that beer should be of good quality, live, without the addition of alcohol. Made from hops, yeast, water and malt. Then it is rich in vitamins B1 and B2, selenium, important for immune and nervous system, and vitamin e, that is nicotinic acid, which helps the heart.

Неожиданно: 5 фактов о пользе пива

Only quality beer is rich in vitamins B1, B2 and селеном

Fact # 2

Beer promotes the secretion of gastric juice and stimulates the digestive system. Helps to maintain bone density and elasticity of the joints due to the content of silicon in digestible form.

Неожиданно: 5 фактов о пользе пива

A lot of varieties, you can choose вкус

Fact # 3

Beer has analgesic and soothing effect. Promotes inhibition of growth and reproduction of bacteria.

Неожиданно: 5 фактов о пользе пива

Don't push it is алкоголь

Fact # 4

Using beer to cure the common cold, this was known by the Vikings. They took a drink from hops and malt in the harsh sea voyages in the ice and drank it warm.

Неожиданно: 5 фактов о пользе пива

Perfect drink for a friendly вечеринки

Fact # 5

Foam is what many people do not like beer, but in vain. Deposited on the face, it will save you from wrinkles. But if to rinse hair after washing light beer, they will become more supple and will start to grow better.

Неожиданно: 5 фактов о пользе пива

The benefits of beer yet know викинкги

Ancient Scandinavian recipe

A pint of unfiltered beer must be heated to 50 degrees. Add a little cumin seeds, peas and mustard to plane a bit of fresh horseradish root. Drink should infuse for two hours. With it, you can stop a cold starting.


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