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5 secrets how to pick juicy and ripe melon

The fruit is melon — melon, botanically speaking, this plant is a vegetable, but from the point of view of cooking — fruit

Secret # 1

Oddly enough, but the secret purchase of a melon in one place. This bocheva culture easily absorbs toxins and heavy metals. So in any case it can not buy in the bazaars along the roads. Let it be stationary market or supermarket. Choose a sweet vegetable takes you away from the dirty and polluted places.

Secret # 2

The skin of the melon is not very dense, so choose a vegetable intact, free of cracks, dents and stains. Such damage can stay harmful bacteria. In no case do not buy a cut melon, you can buy a poison, which will hurt for a few days.

Secret # 3

Nice melon smell. The ripe fruit has a pleasant fragrance with pineapple, honey and pear notes. A good melon will delight the sweet aroma. If there is no smell, no sense to buy a product no.

5 секретов, как выбрать сочную и спелую дыню

Check кожу

Secret # 4

Knock on the fruit. Ripe option when tapping produces a hollow sound, and visitest indicates ripeness. The technique resembles the method of selecting a watermelon.

Secret number 5

"Tail", choose thick and dry, and the "nose" — a little soft.


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