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Lora Reznikova: "Try not to eat all sorts of rubbish, but not because of fighting for the health out of respect for your body"

The actress loves Mediterranean cuisine and shared with his signature recipe

Laura, you're an actress, screenwriter. Probably, and sometimes forget to eat?

— Yes, unfortunately. And in those moments, I better keep away from the temptation of sweet desserts and good pizza. (Laughs.)

— Now all are fond of good food. You too?

— Very restrained. Of course, I try not to eat all sorts of rubbish, but not because of the struggle for health, but rather out of respect for your body. I love him very much, and I have it worthy of the best. I don't eat meat. But it is not so directly affect the shape or face. I just think that in this way I do not participate in the killing of animals.

— The set usually bring food. You have the option of selecting products given that you don't eat meat?

— On the set of the food is decent, but of course, gourmet it can not be called. In addition, feed us once a day, and work shift often lasts from seven in the morning until two in the morning. So try to take food with them. The ideal option is a light meal and gradually because of heavy hearty lunch starts to get sleepy, and this is not the case for the actor.

Something unusual, exotic eating ever?

— Perhaps the most exotic frog. It was long ago, before I stopped eating meat. My friends and I were in Paris and finally decided to feel the atmosphere of the French capital. But some excitement I have not experienced.

Halibut Laura Reznikova

Ingredients: 2 halibut fillets, 100 g or more clams or mussels, 150 grams of mushrooms (any), 20 g butter, 175 ml champagne brut, 100 ml dry white wine, 1 tbsp heavy cream, 2 bulbs of shallots.

Method of preparation: wash the clams or mussels. One onion finely chop. Spread it and the mussels to the pan, add wine and cook on medium heat for 15 minutes. Mussels stored in warm. The juice is filtered. The second onion finely chop, add champagne and ovarium ⅔ (about 15-20 minutes). Mix the champagne with a sauce from mussels, yet ovarium. Add the cream, slowly warmed up. Salt, pepper. Passed through a sieve. Mushrooms cut into plates and fry in oil for 5 minutes. Make envelopes out of paper for baking, put in the fillets and close them tightly. Bake in the oven for 10 minutes. Then add mussels, mushrooms and sauce. All return to the oven to warm up.

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