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7 products for beauty and health

Check your list before going to the store

Apple cider vinegar

Well reduces bloating, helps clear skin and improves the alkali in the body. Should take in the morning, spreading a teaspoon of vinegar in a glass of water.

7 продуктов для красоты и здоровья

Apple cider vinegar is in almost every хозяйки


Blueberries, blackberries and raspberries contain fiber and antioxidants. In season this is a wonderful, tasty and healthy pulls.

7 продуктов для красоты и здоровья

The berries are rich in антиоксидантами


We all know that the body needs moisture, when it is enough, skin looks smoother and fresh. More water helps eliminate toxins, and it also affects the condition of a person. But sometimes you just don't want to drink, drink more fluids and using products with a high content of water. For example, cucumbers are water, 96% is the highest percentage of moisture in solid foods. Much liquid in the tomatoes, radishes, watermelon.

7 продуктов для красоты и здоровья

Cucumbers 96% воды


In the morning on an empty stomach drink a glass of water with a squeeze of half of lemon. This citrus helps to cleanse the body and prevents acidification, and vitamin C will help to strengthen the immune system.

7 продуктов для красоты и здоровья

Lemon is full of vitamin С


Add to your diet flax and hemp seed. They are rich in protein, fiber and acid omega-3.

7 продуктов для красоты и здоровья

Buy flax семя


Try to keep the vegetables made up the bulk of your diet. Spinach contains antioxidants and fiber. Add it to smoothies or green juice and you will get a burst of energy.

7 продуктов для красоты и здоровья

Add the spinach in смузи


Gives the body vitality, helps maintain vitality, AIDS digestion. On pepper mint can be infused water, add it to smoothies and fruit salads.

7 продуктов для красоты и здоровья

Add the mint to the drinking воду

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