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5 facts about coffee that you should alert

Caffeine is not as harmless as it seems

Fact # 1

Caffeine turns people into slaves of habit, for many it is a real addiction. The body begins to suffer without the new portion of the drug. Most people can't imagine their morning without a Cup of tea or coffee, and so it goes on decade in their lives.

5 фактов о кофе, которые вас должны насторожить

Many people can't imagine a morning without него

Fact # 2

Many people think that if they do not drink sweet drinks, they do not drink caffeine. Actually in these drinks this substance is far less than in regular coffee.

5 фактов о кофе, которые вас должны насторожить

People fall in зависимость

Fact # 3

Scientists have proven that people drank 100 milligrams of coffee a day will experience withdrawal syndrome if you break this ritual.

5 фактов о кофе, которые вас должны насторожить

Work for a Cup кофе

Fact # 4

Caffeine contributes to increased anxiety in a person, the heartbeat, that's the cause insomnia, which is not good for the body. All day you raise your performance with the help of coffee and in the evening you find it hard to relax. Often people resort to alcohol or sleeping pills to fall asleep. In the end in the morning they were again lethargic, they need caffeine.

5 фактов о кофе, которые вас должны насторожить

Caffeine is harmful to сердце

Fact # 5

Drink a Cup of coffee with a cigarette in hand in a summer cafe is so nice. But remember that smokers are used to the caffeine very quickly, and they need a larger and larger dose to feel the effect still. However, this applies to all coffee lovers — gradually, the number of drinking cups per day increases and the strength of the drink increases.

5 фактов о кофе, которые вас должны насторожить

Coffee Cup turned into ритуал

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