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Edible Japan: how to make your own sushi and tempura reveals some secrets of the cuisine of the rising sun and gives cooking class

The capture happened so very quickly. Just one day suddenly found that we all picked up sticks for dinner instead of the dumplings we order sushi, it is customary drink their sake, and in the lexicon appeared, the mysterious words: "gahon", "wasabi", "yakitori". Today Japanese cuisine for many Russians, not exotic, but something quite familiar — a fact important! — affordable.

At least you can be happy for our taste. After all, Japanese food is called "edible art." And that's how accents in eating habits of mankind Italian writer Fosco Maraini, who has lived in Japan for decades: "Chinese food — this introduction to the art. As it turns out this extraordinary sauce? What were these strange balls in their original form? Western food — this introduction to human power. More! Tightly! These weapons of war — knives, forks! Shiny metal, cutting red flesh. Japanese food is a connection to nature (the root is the root, leaf is leaf, fish are fish), and the amount measured to avoid satiation and thus possible feelings of disgust."

Some of the culinary delights of Japanese, Europeans are difficult to understand. For example, in summer, in the heat, they decided to feast on grilled eel. Only people uninitiated it seems that "unagi" (in Japanese sounds like "grilled eel") is a dish of greasy and not too suitable for the summer heat, in fact it is not. Eel fillet, roasted in sugar, soy sauce and rice wine, are really best utilized in the summer months.

It is believed that the Japanese eat with their eyes. Looking at their diet, you can tell what time of year it is now. If serving tender shoots of bamboo is a sign of the spring season. Autumn eat Lotus root.

Съедобная Япония: как приготовить в домашних условиях суши и темпура



Count varieties of sushi man the uninitiated seem an unrealistic task. Nigiri-sushi, Maki-sushi, Inari-sushi. Although a surprising fact — there was sushi only a little more than a hundred years ago, in the late nineteenth century.

Contrary to popular belief, the Japanese do not eat sushi for Breakfast, lunch and dinner. This is a festive dish. By the way, men can safely eat sushi with your hands. But for women no such concessions — they have a master with chopsticks.

In Japan, the sushi you make only men. There is a theory that the body temperature pretty ladies — half a degree higher than that of men. And this is what a worse figure glued, or raw fish loses its properties. But the fact remains: Japanese house woman preparing all the dishes, except sushi.

And now, actually, about how to prepare sushi. We offer to prepare Maki-sushi, or rolls — one of the most popular and familiar to every Moscow gourmets of Japanese cuisine.

First, we need to take care of the inventory. The knife must be very sharp. May want to buy a special knife box blade he made from carbon steel, handle — wood Ho, possessing specific properties when wet does not slide in the hand. You also need a special bamboo Mat for Maki-su, as well as a spatula (you can do with a wooden spoon) to wrap the rice in nori (the so-called dried seaweed).

The sushi rice is better to buy in a specialty store — it should be sticky, not divided into separate grains. In any case, do not use instant rice, brown or processed.

While the rice is boiling in the pot, put a piece of nori on the Maki-su. The cooked rice is spread on the surface of the nori.

Directly on the rice, put the filling — it could be scrambled eggs, salmon and daikon.

Wrap the Maki-su, pushing it forward to get the roll is of elongated cylindrical shape. Squeeze the pad so that the ground inside was more dense and not falling apart. Then remove the Mat.

Maki-sushi is ready — you just have to slice the round loaf slices.

Съедобная Япония: как приготовить в домашних условиях суши и темпура



And now we come to one of the jewels of Japanese culinary science — tempura. The inhabitants of the Country of the rising sun called it "celestial pudding". It's funny, but actually this dish is originally from Portugal. In the sixteenth century in Japan came Portuguese missionaries who brought with them the recipe for an unusual cooking vegetables, fish and meat in batter. True, at first, the Japanese did just tempura seafood and vegetables: even the smell of raw meat, many of them fainted.

You can make tempura from literally all — shrimp, eggplant, potatoes, carrots. Importantly, all the products were the freshest. No frost, otherwise the result may be not the one you expect.

Shrimp, clean, vegetables can be cut any way you fantasy: if strips, at least cubes, least intricate petals. The dough is mixed from rice and wheat flour, eggs and ice water (you can even add ice). Until the end of the dough kneading is not necessary, it is considered that it should remain lumps and air bubbles.

All the prepared ingredients put in the batter to cover them with a thin film. And then dip the food in hot oil — a mixture of any vegetable and sesame. Now the main thing — accurately guess when the tempura is ready. This is about a minute or two. And the result is yum.

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