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Halibut-from Vladivostok Sergey Zhigunov

The actor shares his dish that will grace any table

You will need:

– Greenland halibut — 2 kg;

– potatoes — 6 PCs;

– onions — 3 PCs;

– rosemary;

– vegetable oil;

Sol major;

– black pepper freshly ground.

And also for brine: water — 250-300 ml, salt — 2 tbsp, peppers green and white peas, Szechuan pepper, fennel seeds.

Палтус по-владивостокски от Сергея Жигунова

Halibut-from Vladivostok Sergey Eigenvalue: Anna Rusakova Ekaterina Senses

How to prepare: for the brine to boil the water and dissolve in it the salt, add the fennel seeds, peppers (green, white and Szechuan), stir and allow to cool.

Halibut incision (incisions must be deep enough), pour the brine, season with salt and pepper, put in the slits pounded the rosemary and leave to marinate.

Onion and potato to slice it into small slices.

On a baking sheet spread out the foil in two layers, grease with vegetable oil, put onion, salt and then the potatoes again and season with salt and pepper and add the leaves of rosemary and top with the positioning of the fish. The foil edges to lift up and wrap so that the center remained open (to get the mold). Bake in the oven at 180 degrees until Golden brown.

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