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5 rules for the use of honey

A treat should bring not only pleasure, but also advantage

Rule # 1

In the morning, on an empty stomach, drink a glass of warm boiled water with two teaspoons of honey. The drink will charge you with vivacity and energy for the whole day. In addition, he will start in the body metabolic processes.

5 правил употребления меда

Honey and lemon - perfect сочетание

Rule # 2

But there is honey in pure form on an empty stomach it is impossible in any case. Product causes excessive insulin production and the increase of sugar in the body.

5 правил употребления меда

Honey can raise sugar крови

Rule # 3

Before bedtime is useful to drink tea or warm milk with honey. So you remove the tension that has accumulated during the day. The drink will make it easier and faster to sleep.

5 правил употребления меда

Tea with honey is a natural снотворное

Rule # 4

Do not put honey in hot water — the temperature should not exceed 40-45 degrees, otherwise you will lose all the useful properties of this product. If honey is heated to 60 degrees and above, it begins to release toxic substances and simply becoming harmful.

5 правил употребления меда

Honey can be ядом

Rule # 5

Ate honey? Rinse your mouth and brush your teeth. As with any sweet treat, it harms enamel.

5 правил употребления меда

Take care зубы

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