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Fruits and desserts for an intimate evening

6 foods to cause sexual desire


Strawberries and cream is not only beautiful and delicious, but also very useful for the female libido. The enzymes contained in the berries increase blood flow to the pelvic region and, primarily, to the genitals. And cream help absorb the vitamins and minerals.

Фрукты и десерты для интимного вечера

Remember the movie "9 and a half weeks"


This fruit is well-deserved unsurpassed glory aphrodisiac. Thanks to folic acid and vitamin B6 that it contains, in women, starts the production of sex hormones.

Фрукты и десерты для интимного вечера

Avocado is called "green gold"


No, it's not only a sex symbol, but a very useful product for intimacy. Besides the mentioned vitamins, it includes the enzyme bromelain, in itself, it increases sexual desire.

Фрукты и десерты для интимного вечера

The banana symbol секса


Naturally, we are talking about real, dark chocolate that improves mood and has a positive effect on the pleasure centers in the brain. But it is better to use liquid and hot, then it also increases sexual desire. The fact that it is saturated with phenylethylamine, and boost the immune system, and libido.

Фрукты и десерты для интимного вечера

Hot chocolate is "hot"


This nut has an enzyme that can positively influence the production of female sex hormones, and even one its scent is considered an aphrodisiac.

Фрукты и десерты для интимного вечера

Almonds are great афродизиак


Very useful product for a dinner for two because they contained trace elements stimulate the production of estrogen and testosterone — like for both partners.

Фрукты и десерты для интимного вечера

Dates are useful to him and ей

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