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7 principles of good cheese plate

This product is a real art

Principle # 1

If you have in stock a couple of types of cheese, then serve each separately. For the same, make your dish look spectacular, it must be at least five varieties of this product, of course, different in taste.

7 принципов правильной сырной тарелки

One or two kinds of cheese worthy of a separate подачи

Principle # 2

Cheeses are arranged clockwise, from smooth to more sharp. Fresh and soft types usually put "6 hours". To try the product in the specified sequence, otherwise the spicy after taste you will be hard to capture the beauty of the lighter varieties.

7 принципов правильной сырной тарелки

The dish requires эстетики

Principle No. 3

By the way, the plate must be of appropriate material. For example, from hard wood or porcelain.

7 принципов правильной сырной тарелки

It is better to choose дерево

Principle # 4

Do not put different varieties of cheese are close to each other, leave between the pieces of the distance of a few centimeters. This is necessary in order to delicate cheese didn't absorb the smell of the product with spices and pungent aroma.

7 принципов правильной сырной тарелки

Some species have a pungent taste and запах

Principle # 5

Cut cheese into small bars small size — so that they were entirely convenient to send in the mouth. Pay special attention to the form, if this is the main dish on your table. Then the slices can be a little more.

7 принципов правильной сырной тарелки

With the introduction of sanctions, the cheese began to be made in России

Principle No. 6

Products that are friendly with cheese: sprigs of mint or Basil, olives or olives, grapes, all kinds of nuts. But bread to serve with a cheese plate not accepted — this is not a sandwich for Breakfast. However, if you can't do without flour products, the number of types must match the variety of the main product.

7 принципов правильной сырной тарелки

Fruit, nuts and wine - traditional satellites сыра

Principle # 7

Before you put the cheese on the table, in advance, remove it from the refrigerator. Warm better reveals the taste of the product.

7 принципов правильной сырной тарелки

Try different сорта

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