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New year: the three C's - lifestyle -

Always good to know ahead what to say, but it is equally important to know what to eat and drink. Russian researcher and analyst for the probability of events Alexander Litvin gives a cheat sheet that will help in 2019 to navigate the world of food, to be in trend and make you more competitive

Alexander Литвин30 Dec 2018 14:53148800

Новый год: правило трех «С» - Стиль жизни -

We are what we eat

We think that we are unchanging in nature, that's why I try to adhere to certain principles and behaviors in all things, including the habits we adopt, the food, said Alexander Litvin.

Новый год: правило трех «С» - Стиль жизни -

Alexander Litinfo press services

To follow tradition of course is wonderful. Especially valuable and important traditions have been in the past year. Our iconic dumplings, pickles, and other folk dishes were just a necessity. But changing the year to change: we're not machines, which for the whole period of operation put one brand of fuel. We are what, how and what we eat depends on not just our capacity for movement and creativity, but also our mood, sociability and charm!

The three C's of 2019

First we need to revise all the things that served food on the table and how it is eaten, try and savored. The rule of three "C" 2019: a Set of China, Silver, Tablecloth. What all three "C" should be of excellent quality. The challenge for many economically challenging, but still solvable. Use a China brands welcome.

Новый год: правило трех «С» - Стиль жизни -

2019 — time foodies and good manners

Lovers of simplicity, clear, harsh words and tastes that kills the nuances, I advise you to be careful. The coming year loves moderation and delicacy in everything and gives bonuses to those who finds time to please yourself and other gourmet food served in a beautiful dish. The dynamics of our lives not allowing three times a day to follow the suggested option of matching characteristics year, but the creative work for the preparation of exquisite meals will make your personality more attractive. So at least once a day to enjoy a delicious meal or dessert. We need to learn to eat and not eat.

Important note that will be an additional incentive for those who consider your figure inappropriate to the accepted canons: the food prepared "for aesthetics," does not add weight, on the contrary, the desire to experience the composition and the harmony of the product, leads to harmony of the body. Sensitivity is the underlying principle in the preparation. Of course, you can eat pizza, but truffles on it must not lie in three layers, and it needs to be remembered only for its exquisite flavor. Pay special attention sorbitan, refreshing the receptors before the course. Desserts, as final action must be the lightest as a neat point at the end of a lyric.


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