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8 myths about milk: to drink or not to drink - lifestyle -

Our favorite product from childhood "overgrown" a huge number of preconceptions. understand the issue and hastens to dispel the basic misconceptions

Maria Блавацкая21 January 2019 11:5179740

8 мифов о молоке: пить или не пить - Стиль жизни -

Myths about milk: is it good?Photo:

For some people milk is the main product in the diet, while others vehemently protest, claiming that milk from one injury, and after thirty do not even look in the direction of the dairy shelves in the store, as in adulthood, according to them, milk can mean nothing but harm. So where lies the truth?

Myth 1. Drinking a glass of milk a day helps maintain sufficient levels of calcium in the body

That milk is one of the main sources of calcium, you know, perhaps, everything. Especially important calcium is for pregnant women, because the RDI for calcium in pregnancy increases by almost half. But milk is not the only product that contains calcium in large quantity. These products include: vegetables, nuts, grains, and red meat, liver and poultry. Back to milk. To maintain the optimum amount of calcium in the body, you need to drink milk non-stop — about five glasses a day. In ordinary life people do not drink as much, and hence to obtain the trace mineral needs by eating and other products.

8 мифов о молоке: пить или не пить - Стиль жизни -

Milk is the main source of calcetto:

Myth 2. It is best to get calcium just from milk and from curd, cheese and fermented milk products

Despite its benefits, calcium is quite difficult to digest in the body without assistance. Not only that, our body receives calcium from foods, compounds which are difficult to split, and in the process of digestion, the calcium may not dissolve. Remember that the best "friend" of calcium is protein. If you are getting enough protein, be sure that the calcium is not too well absorbed in your body. Therefore, in this case, the myth becomes reality: indeed, due to the high protein content in cheese, cheese and yogurt, calcium is absorbed much better and faster.

Myth 3. Milk benefits adult

It is believed that milk is useful only for its main customers — children. However, it is not so. As researchers found, people who use natural milk and natural butter, rarely suffer from diseases of the immune system. In addition, milk is necessary for older people who suffer from diseases that increase the fragility of bones.

8 мифов о молоке: пить или не пить - Стиль жизни -

Be careful with natural molarotto:

Myth 4. Because often drinking milk to gain weight

Usually this theory is shared by supporters of diet milk. But the point is that the problem is not really milk, and in the level of fat. Of course, if you eat days fat sour cream and margarine, after some time you will inevitably gain a dozen pounds. If you buy in the store a pack of milk with a minimum percentage of fat, the extra weight does not threaten you. You surely know that people seeking to lose weight shown eating cheese and yogurt.

Myth 5. Natural milk is healthier factory

It would seem that what is there to argue, of course, natural is better, but let's face it. The milk directly from the cow remains drinkable in only a few hours (no sterilization), all the time are disinfecting bacteria from the cows. After this time milk start to breed dangerous bacteria that can lead to serious disorders. So be careful when buying natural milk from a farmer: be sure to boil it. Milk plant are not worse farmers, it is processed at a low temperature, so all useful properties are retained.

Myth 6. If you have an Allergy to milk, then milk is something wrong

But, you see, allergic to other useful products such as honey and nuts, and they deteriorate much longer. If a person discovered a lactose intolerance, it does not mean that milk should not be consumed all people of the same age. In addition, manufacturers offer a wide selection of products that do not contain lactose.

8 мифов о молоке: пить или не пить - Стиль жизни -

Natural milk is safe, only the first few casutto:

Myth 7. Pasteurized milk is good as well as sterilized

When milk is pasteurized, it is processed at a temperature of 65 degrees for a half an hour. It turns out that the product is decontaminated, but the properties are not lost. The downside is that it is stored long. Further, it is made dairy products. Sterilization — a more stringent method: eliminated most of the microorganisms. This milk lasts longer and doesn't turn sour, instead it becomes bitter after a while.

Myth 8. In milk contains antibiotics

This is probably the most common myth. Currently, manufacturers use a large Arsenal of natural preservatives that allow you to store milk. In addition, at each plant there is a special laboratory that monitors the quality of the product.


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