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8 foods that relieve swelling - lifestyle - made a selection of natural diuretics that will bring nothing but good

Maria Блавацкая14 Jan 2019 16:4763490

8 продуктов, которые снимают отеки - Стиль жизни -

Products that remove aticipate:

Have you noticed that sometimes you go to bed in perfect health and Wake up with a swollen face? If in the near future a big event and need to look your best, you must take action to remove puffiness. We have compiled a list of eight foods that will help you to solve this problem.


You only need a few fruits a day to swelling does not bother you. Know that apples are beneficial for the digestion. In addition, they help to fight certain diseases. You can eat them raw, though, even baked. If you suffer from the problem of excess weight, just enter in your diet apples and try to eat them at least several times a week.

8 продуктов, которые снимают отеки - Стиль жизни -



Many people know that parsley is a great diuretic. If swelling are accompanying you constantly, just do salads with parsley. The beauty of this grass is that it saves all useful properties, even if you decide to freeze it or to handle in some way. Parsley is an irreplaceable product for any diet.


Berries such as raspberries, strawberries and cranberries, perfectly remove excess fluid from the body. In addition, cranberry has antibacterial properties, so it is used in the treatment of infectious diseases. If any of these berries you don't like it, you can eat the cherries — it also is a diuretic fruit.

Dried apricots

Dried apricots not only enhances digestion, but also removes excess fluid. By the way, if you need to remove edema, prepare the compote of dried fruits, in a few hours you will see the effect. People suffering from excess weight, dried apricots can replace the candy, you will not want to return to them.

8 продуктов, которые снимают отеки - Стиль жизни -

People suffering from excess weight, the dried apricots will replace sladostnoe:


One of the most popular vegetables in Russia is not only used as the main ingredient in a salad, but also helps to improve the General condition of the body. All you need to do is make cucumber juice at home. As in the case with compote of dried apricots, the maximum effect occurs on the same day. Cucumber as a cosmetic has a positive effect on the color of the skin and removes bags under the eyes.


The record for the number of vitamins and minerals — watermelon. Due to the high content of liquid, it washes away almost all harmful substances from the body. It will be useful not only as a diuretic but also in infectious diseases, when you need plenty of fluids. However, people suffering from kidney disease, you need to be careful not to consume over two kilos of watermelon per day.


Another fighter with edema from the world of vegetables — eggplant. It is important to consider the method of cooking the eggplant. Of course, fried vegetables, nobody has benefited, especially those who need to get rid of excess fluid in the body. Another important point when choosing eggplants: do not take an overripe vegetable, as it contains dangerous substances for the body.

8 продуктов, которые снимают отеки - Стиль жизни -

Another fighter with edema from the world of vegetables — baklazhanov:

Bell pepper

Due to the high content of potassium, pepper is able to withdraw fluid from the body, not dehydrate it. If you are facing a choice of which pepper to pick, give preference to red mean — it has components that can fight free radicals. From swelling, the most useful raw pepper, since any processing displays the fruit nutrients.


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