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What Russian well, the foreigner... How people react to our products abroad - lifestyle -

Many have friends in other countries. If one of them is going to visit you made a selection of the most unusual dishes, according to expats

Maria Блавацкая17 Jan 2019 16:5594770

Что русскому хорошо, то иностранцу… Как реагируют на наши продукты за рубежом - Стиль жизни -

Difficult for foreigners to understand our curnutte:

Few foreigners can understand the mysterious Russian soul. The same applies to Russian products and dishes from them. For us borscht, buckwheat and salad — everyday food, and foreign friends at least horrified. No, of course, everyone knows and many people drink vodka abroad, this is probably the most famous alcoholic drink which is associated with Russia.

We have compiled seven popular in our country products that are suspicious of foreigners.


In frozen meat broth — the leader in the list of strange Russian dishes. Foreign guests find it difficult to understand the essence of "meat jelly". If you decide to introduce a friend of the foreigner for our food, don't tell him what is usually cooked in the broth for aspic, otherwise you won't know what hit you, as your friend will take off from the table. And it is not necessary to finish it with information about the horseradish and mustard to go with the Brawn "bonus."

Что русскому хорошо, то иностранцу… Как реагируют на наши продукты за рубежом - Стиль жизни -

Sauerkraut is a wonder for foreign gostate:


Cabbage, in principle, is not a very popular product outside of Russia. Therefore, almost any dish with cabbage will be for a foreigner opening a. But only if it's not German. Sauerkraut can surprise even the most experienced in matters of European cuisine. Not everyone dares to try it. However, it is to show them that this is a great appetizer, their opinions immediately change. Try it for yourself!

Что русскому хорошо, то иностранцу… Как реагируют на наши продукты за рубежом - Стиль жизни -

For an American saltwater fish - raw, rubatto:


All the ingredients of the hash are well-known to foreigners, though the brew may still have questions. Confusion reaches its peak when they find out that all of these products can be mixed together. There are people who do not believe that such a thing is possible. There really remains nothing how to make okroshka, and to offer them personally.


Another very rare product associated with Russia — buckwheat. For Americans, the buckwheat is just an amazing product. In USA it is possible to get only in shops specializing in supplies from Russia. One caveat: the buckwheat should be accustomed from childhood, otherwise it will be very difficult to love.

Salted fish

Salted fish is very popular not only in Russia but also in the Nordic countries. Which is the only way any salted fish in Norway! And in Sweden, the insanely popular herring in cranberry sauce that we can buy in one of the big Swedish stores. Americans believe that if the fish is not fried and not cooked, this fish raw. Therefore, the States are not so popular in Japanese cuisine.

Что русскому хорошо, то иностранцу… Как реагируют на наши продукты за рубежом - Стиль жизни -

According to the European pancakes are combined only with frontlite:

Pancakes stuffed with meat

Pancakes are in demand in almost every country of the world, the only difference is the stuffing. For example, in Europe, pancakes are considered a dessert, so the European pancakes toppings are mostly fruit or cream. That is why they "hurt" to see how the Russian wrapped in pancakes meat, red fish and caviar.


Tea is not native Russian product, but there are certain features of its use. If Europe and America prefer coffee, in Russia tea is drunk almost around the clock. By the way, in England, with its five o clock too, everything is ambiguous. They only drink it once a day, and then dilute with milk.


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