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Ovsanna-blueberry muffins for a slim figure

The star of the TV series and movie Tatiana Abramenko shared the secret recipe for low-calorie treats

Actress Tatiana Abramenko ("Zemsky doctor", "Dark world: equilibrium") recognizes that long-held rules of healthy eating, because it's supposed to look your best. However, it is not bigotry: drink lots of water, trying not to eat after six. Tatiana has never sat on a strict diet, as it, in its opinion, may cause irreparable harm to the body. Proper nutrition, sufficient exercise, such as fitness on the canvases, acrobatics, running, helping the actress keep yourself in good physical shape.

"Speaking specifically about my daily diet, for Breakfast, I prefer cereal with fruit or cheese. Lunch — meat or fish with steamed vegetables or salad. Prefer boiled meat or fish, not fried. My husband is not very fond of soups, not because it is harmful or helpful, it just happened — we don't like. Sometimes allow myself a sweet tooth: can, for example, eat candy or cake, if you went to a cafe with a friend", — Tatyana told WomanHit about how she manages to stay slim.

With the readers of our website, the actress has shared his recipe is very simple, and at the same time, delicious — oatmeal-blueberry pancakes. "They are perfect for Breakfast and for any snack. The best part is that cooking pancakes is very simple — at the time only 15 minutes," explained the artist.

Овсянно-черничные оладьи для стройной фигуры

Diet pancakes are ready in just 15 minutte: materials of press-services

So, we need:

— 1 Cup of oatmeal;

— 100 grams of lean cottage cheese;

— 100 ml of yogurt;

— 2 eggs;

— 3 grams of stevia (or any sweetener to taste);

— 1 Cup blueberries (can be frozen).

Preparation: grind the oats in blender, add cottage cheese, yogurt and eggs. Gently stir in the dough berries and leave for 15 minutes. Fry pancakes on a preheated non-stick pan under a lid on medium heat for 3 minutes on each side. All, enjoy!

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