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Timeless classics: burgers from Cindy Crawford studied the caloric content of fast food, the recipe of which supermodel was invented

Cindy Crawford still boasts a delightful figure. Which is not surprising: the 51-year-old supermodel leads a healthy and active lifestyle. But sometimes you can afford to relax and enjoy fast food. Last week Cindy presented your own Burger. studied the recipe a high-calorie meals from a celebrity.

"I grew up in a small town and since childhood, I love classic American food. And there is nothing more classic than a Burger or a cheeseburger," admits Cindy. Thus the model allows himself to eat fast food very rarely, but does not prohibit such food to their children. "Every time they ask me: "Mom, I want French fries?" — I look at her and think she's not worth it to abandon my usual food, says Crawford. — I could become a vegetarian, but it is not very convenient in a family where everyone loves meat. And I don't like to cook for everyone individually. So for example, I cook all the pasta with meatballs and vegetables. Just then I don't eat pasta, and the kids pick out the vegetables. In General, each eats what he wants".

Вечная классика: бургеры от Синди Кроуфорд

Every dollar raised from the sale of burgers Cindy Crawford, is sent to the charity Fund of help to children with oncological, zabolevaniyami: materials of press-services

But despite this approach to the diet — Cindy decided to create her own Burger. At this step the model were prompted by good intentions: every raised dollar goes to the charity Fund helping children with oncological diseases. In developing its recipes Crawford was based not only on traditional American cuisine, but also made Mexican motifs.

Burger from Cindy Crawford consists of two patties stuffed with jalapenos and topped with crushed avocado, cheese, roasted tomato, leaf lettuce, fried onions, tortilla chips (nachos), mustard and miso sauces and salsa. The taste is moderately sharp.

Вечная классика: бургеры от Синди Кроуфорд

Burger from Cindy Crawfordville: materials of press-services

By the way...

255 calories per 100 grams is the nutritional value of hamburger with one Patty.

295 calories in a hamburger with two patties.

305 calories in 100 g cheeseburger with one Patty.

There are 459 calories in 100 g cheeseburger with two patties.

To reduce caloric Burger, prepared at home, you can:

*replace buns from white bread to whole grain (minus 121 calories and 2 grams of fiber)

*make mincemeat of smaller size and from lean beef, Turkey or chicken (minus about 200 calories)

*is the purchase of mustard and ketchup to add to the Burger roasted onion, pepper, tomato

*instead of mayonnaise use unsweetened yogurt.

In order to get rid of eaten calories in one hour to cleaning your home (minus 240 calories), play ping-pong (280 calories) to go fast (300 calories), work in the garden (324 calories), work on the exercise bike (380 calories) or aerobic (405 calories), play basketball (450 calories).

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