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Fashionable and wedding cakes from Cakes

Fashionable and stylish wedding cakes always make a splash

To be relevant and impressive is the main requirement they must meet.

A good example of cake series "Crown", each dessert can be considered a work of culinary art. Gorgeous wedding cake "Royal crown" looks spectacular on the celebration, visited wedding or a Golden wedding anniversary. Such cake desserts delight artful design and masterful execution.

From the first glance confectionery crown hard to distinguish from the one that adorned the shields of the Austrian stamp of the Dukes, the Royal princes of Prussia, Bavaria and Saxony. It also consists of five arches, inlaid with pearls marzipan, mastic caramel diamonds and emeralds. The base of the cake stylize beneath a velvet pillow, following the elaborately decorated cakes in the shape of a crown. Teach a fantastically tasty dessert that looks luxurious.

Original cakes round wedding anniversary is often bought in the form of numbers. To print the wedding give the cake in the form of units, rose in the form of the number ten, and the Golden wedding — in the form of the number 50. So fed predominantly single storey desserts, attach to them the original form, decorated with mastic, mirror glaze or chocolate fondant. Using a pastry stencil create thematic labels, a variety of patterns and amazing beauty caramel lace. They are particularly impressive look at the cakes, who are preparing to lace the wedding for couples who have been together for 13 years.

Effectively on the sides of the stacked cake designs look candy prints with numbers, patterns or ornaments, which are now often seen on fancy wedding cakes.

For those who love jokes and fun, created the original cake series "Hell get a divorce." Popular desserts of the line "Cool", they are often prepared for individual orders, therefore, these cakes always admire the original design. The most relevant is called the styling "a Bottle of champagne", "Porsche" and "the Stripper". They are often ordered for bachelorette and bachelor parties, as well as in the first or second wedding anniversary.

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