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How to choose products for Easter, explained in Rospotrebnadzor

The Agency advised not to skimp on the ingredients and pay attention to the expiration date

More than a quarter of Russians fully or partially observe the rules of abstinence in food during the whole of lent, such data results in the all-Russia centre of studying of public opinion (VTSIOM). And 52% of the population of our country cakes are baked, prepare Easter, paint eggs and to celebrate the feast of Christ's Resurrection on April 16.

Как выбрать продукты к Пасхе, объяснили в Роспотребнадзоре

On this day we celebrate the Resurrection Христа

Oddly enough, after lent, people jumped on the usual food that often come to the hospital with poisoning. And the reason is not only in alcoholic beverages or undercooked meat, sometimes a nominal sum the products of the traditional Easter lent: cheese, eggs and low-quality ingredients that unscrupulous manufacturers put in cakes.

The citizens will not spoil your holiday, the official website of Rospotrebnadzor there was an official announcement: what foods to take, and what is not.


The threat of avian flu continues to wreak havoc in the ranks of doctors. And eggs threaten us with Salmonella, so in the order recommended in the first place to pay attention to them at the date of manufacture and appearance.

Как выбрать продукты к Пасхе, объяснили в Роспотребнадзоре

The eggs should not be litter and перьев

"We should not buy eggs and other food products in the places of unauthorized trade of arms and vehicles," — warn the officials.

To eggs not to multiply pathogenic microbes, they can be stored in the refrigerator. Diet to seven days, and dining rooms — from 8 to 25 days, not months, as used by many. Before cooking the eggs must be washed, but remember, after this retention period is still decreasing. Washing egg may lie down for 12 days, boiled — no more than 36 hours.

Representatives of agencies insist that dyeing eggs only food dyes or, in extreme cases, onion skin, and no chemicals!


One of the main treats of the festive table — Easter. This dish of cottage cheese and decorated with nuts and candied fruit.

Как выбрать продукты к Пасхе, объяснили в Роспотребнадзоре

Form for "Easter" passed on from grandmothers to внучкам

For its production, experts recommend to take cheese and curd, not the product. To see that it was fresh, white allowed a small creamy shade and dry. The smell of the product should be sour, but not much.


"Quality product uses natural ingredients: eggs, not egg powder, butter, not margarine, sugar, not sweetener. Top of cake should be dry," — said the Agency.

Как выбрать продукты к Пасхе, объяснили в Роспотребнадзоре

The cake should be красивым

If the icing on the "cap" has already sailed, then it would get wet it's all over the cupcake so that it's ruined. It is better to choose a cake with natural ingredients: nuts, candied fruit, sugar icing, not crumbs from chemical balls.

Important the appearance of the cake — the cupcake should be smooth. At its lower and lateral surfaces should be free of voids, burnt areas or tears.

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