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Student from the USA figured out how to beat cancer with green tea

12-year-old scientist Steven litt was already famous all over the world

American seventh-grader Steven litt stunned everyone with its development of drugs against cancer. To such simple and obvious answer, he could not think the best minds in the world, although the data used by the boy for its opening, are freely available.

On the problem of cancer Stephen began to think two years ago, in 10 years. Then it turned out that two of his friends suffer from this disease. The boy began to look for ways to help them. The young scientist came to the conclusion that a panacea for cancer can be a green tea. Stephen suggested that the composition of the plant antioxidants can destroy cancer.

Your idea Steven has proved in experiments that he conducted in his home laboratory on earthworms. The student in his studies and helped his father, a chemist by profession. They were able to prove that the polyphenol can eliminate tumor formation in animals poisoned with carcinogens.

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