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What is dangerous diet Alla Pugacheva find out all the details of the nutrition Diva, which caused such a stir in the secular parties

All last week the gossips discussed the new-fangled diet, presented by Maxim Galkin. The comedian has shared with journalists the information on how to lose weight Alla Pugacheva. decided to learn more.

Alla recently surprised his fans with a youthful appearance and a slender figure. Of course, all of her overcome the issues she was able to achieve such results. Secret decided to reveal her husband Maxim Galkin. It turns out that the singer was sitting on the coal diet. The gist of it is that every day you need to drink a few tablets of activated charcoal. This should be done in the morning, on an empty stomach with a glass of clean water. There are three regimens. The first diagram only two tablets in the morning. Second — you need to drink 10 pieces, dividing equally in 4-5 meals. For the third scheme we need to calculate the number of tablets. For every 10 kg of body weight one tablet. Prerequisite diet are: to eat each day 300 grams non-starchy vegetables and 150 g low-fat cottage cheese. The authors of a diet promise, that for a week you can lose about 4-5 kg. But after 7-10 days of administration of activated charcoal need to make a break for the same number of days.

Чем опасна диета Аллы Пугачевой

Natalia Grishina, PhD, a gastroenterologist, dietologo: materials of press-services

Natalia Grishina, PhD, physician-gastroenterologist, nutritionist:

— This diet either to Alla Borisovna, nor to losing weight is irrelevant. In order to lose weight, the activated carbon can't. And second the weight will never go away thanks to the administration of activated charcoal. Pay attention to recommendations for this diet. In fact behind the "veil" of activated carbon is low-calorie and unbalanced diet.

A person loses weight or when it reduces the amount of food consumed, or when it begins to eat less foods containing simple sugars. To weight left, need to adjust the feeding behavior and metabolism. And activated carbon here in any way will not help. Besides, if you take many pills of coal is not a one-time, and for quite a long time, it can lead to problems. As you know, people who are overweight often suffer from high blood pressure, they have heart and / or gastrointestinal diseases. And if activated charcoal to take immediately after meals or medications, and vitamins, minerals that come from food will settle on the coal. Similarly, the coal will prevent the effective action of medicines prescribed by the doctor.

In this diet, the coal plays a role some kind of "chips". Since nothing new, except that you need to limit the amount of food to lose weight, until they come up with. And here is a new "carbon diet" that can be sold. Unfortunately, those 1-2 times comply with such a diet, hoping for a speedy weight loss, already have the beginnings of an eating disorder.

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