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The most useful beverages

Folk wisdom says: we are what we eat and drink

Scientists investigated the effects of different drinks on the human body. This was a selected group of completely healthy people and athletes. They were given different beverages that we consume almost every day. The results were striking.


It is surprising, but simple drinking water was ranked in the Top drinks the honorable first place. As you know, the person on 80% consists of water. This drink is well restores the water balance in the body and not be anything superfluous. It easily restores expended during physical activity energy.

Самые полезные напитки для человека

Plain water 1 месте

Mineral water

This natural water rich in minerals and salts. Along with this drink, they get into a person's bloodstream. But here we should be careful — in some diseases the water contained in the additives can have a negative impact on health.

Самые полезные напитки для человека

Caution with medical водами


In stores that we buy under the label "100% juice" actually is not. Carefully read what is written in small letters — there are preservatives and "E", and other additives. Sometimes it can be just water with food dye and sugar.

Самые полезные напитки для человека

And juice Lee это?

Juices are better to squeeze by. Then they carry the body of essential vitamins. But remember that drinks citrus better not to use in pure form and diluted with water to increase acidity in the body.

Sweet drinks

It is so fond of children, but it is a solid chemistry. Have repeatedly conducted experiments using the well-known branded drinks to clean the water stone on the toilet or the scum on the kettle.

Самые полезные напитки для человека

Chemistry stomach on пользу

In addition, these drinks a lot of sugar, which leads to an increase of adipose tissue. Abuse can even cause diabetes.

Tea and coffee

Contrary to popular belief, they do not quench thirst, but on the contrary, sometimes after tea or coffee more you want to drink. In our supermarkets is rare to find a quality product, good for tea and coffee is better to go to specialty stores. But remember that caffeine contained in these drinks affects the cardiovascular system. In addition, they are addictive. Some people consider coffee a drug.

Самые полезные напитки для человека

Caffeine affects сердце

This can be attributed to energy. The study revealed that soft drinks cause headaches and arrhythmia.

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