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Sous-vide and all that: Sobchak took up culinary literacy

Star has entered into Philistine use the new term to include in your rider a Turkey cooked in a special way. collected and other fancy culinary techniques.

Sous-vide (Sous-vide) is one of the most fashionable to date types of heat treatment. From the French "sous-vide" means "under vacuum". To use this method, need special thermal bags, which are sealed meat, fish, vegetables or fruit. You can add the same spices or herbs. Further, this package is cooked at a temperature of from 48 to 70. Fish using this method you can cook for 15 minutes, but some varieties of meat boiled and 72 hours. Thanks to this method of treatment of the dishes are more juicy, preserve aroma and taste, and is also used less spices and seasonings.

Су-вид и все такое: Собчак занялась кулинарным ликбезом


Art-visage (visage cooking)

Many people confuse this direction in cooking with carving. But carving is carving on vegetables and fruits, and also make decorations for the table. The art of makeup is a different problem. The chef who made the dish, because of its ability to decorate is trying to enrich the taste of the dishes to reveal its "soul". Such a flow is called a true work of art that stimulates the appetite and gives aesthetic pleasure.

Fubaring (foodpairing) is the direction in cooking appeared recently thanks to bioengineering. It is believed that people not only try a dish tastes, but also eats with his eyes and inhales the aroma. Scientists claim that the sense of smell affect the sense of taste. As a result, there fubaring, the main idea is to know what fragrances most products are combined with each other. In special laboratories for cafés and restaurants was developed the user — Poperinge tree: the trunk is the main product, and the branches of products that can be combined with the base. And the shorter the branch, the better the ingredients are combined. As they say fans Poperinge, this cooking allows you to go beyond the usual and create the unusual flavor combinations. For example, if you follow this method, the potatoes goes well with guava and bergamot, salmon — apricot, and cucumber — with dark chocolate and mint.

Су-вид и все такое: Собчак занялась кулинарным ликбезом

Fusion site:

Fusion cooking (fusion cuisine)

One of the most popular areas of synthesis and harmonious combination of all the best Western and Oriental cooking. Fusion cuisine is very popular among celebrities, as is fully consistent with the principles of healthy eating. Moreover, proponents of fusion dishes argue that with the right mix of ingredients and spices you can feel the fullness even from small portions. The main principles of fusion cooking is using fresh and quality ingredients, which are combined together not only in taste but also in structure and flavor, and sometimes color. That is, the plate should be real harmony of food.

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