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Guram bablishvili: "the Best meat is the meat on the coals"

In may offers picnic time. The actor, who was born in Tbilisi and Georgians as a true appreciator of barbecue, shared with his signature recipe

— Guram, come the may holidays, and with them open it's time for kebabs. How do you feel about this dish?

— I am Georgian! In short, it would be possible so to answer your question. (Laughs.) May the season of "open barbecue" always brings hunger and gourmandise. It gives me great pleasure to relate to this dish. For me, barbecue is an integral process of cooking any meal.

— When you grew up, your family had some tradition of grilling?

In my family, we cooked, cooked and cook the meat. "Food on every table" — this motto before each meal. On skewers, roast in the oven — or even in what form, but the meat must be present. My grandfather did amazing kebabs. Kebabs and wine for Georgians is as necessary as oxygen and water.

— Share your own recipe?

— The best meat is the meat on the coals. We have the best option of wood for the barbecue and is considered a vine. It burns evenly and definitely gives a different taste. A recipe for the easiest and most delicious. The meat must be fresh. Still needed major salt and pepper. And you're done! Put on a good bed of coals and turn the skewers frequently until Golden brown. Remove the kebabs from the skewer with lavash. And now we need, of course, onions. Cut into rings and mix with meat, put on top of the pita bread and cover the pot. Should be allowed to stand as a couple of minutes. Mix — and voila. Welcome to the table! While at the table, you sit and say the first toast. (Laughs.)

Гурам Баблишвили: «Лучшее мясо — это мясо на углях»

Guram bablishvili shared his signature recipe, callicutt:

By the way...

The calorie content of kebabs depends on the part of the carcass from which the dish is cooked, and the marinade. Of course, the sauce of mayonnaise will add calorie much more than a marinade of natural yogurt or pomegranate juice.

100 g of product

Lamb — from 218 to 238 kcal

Pork — from 188 to 267 kcal

Beef — from 145 to 180 kcal

Chicken — from 140 to 198 kcal

Salmon — from 165 to 220 calories

From sturgeon — from 110 to 240 kcal

Mackerel from 155 to 180 kcal

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