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May light meals from Jeanne Epple

The actress shared her recipes with young vegetables

The season's first young vegetables is a great joy for gourmets. Dishes from cabbage or potatoes hard to call culinary delights, but their taste pleases as the may sun. recorded two seasonal recipe from Jeanne Epple.

Their elegance Jeanne, according to her, is obliged to genetics and nutrition. "The genetics has not been canceled, thank you mom and dad, but the situation also obliges, so I try to drink a lot of water and not to eat at night. The mood is there anything I can to prepare, and the sons, too, sometimes standing at the stove. The youngest son of Efim in this year was to bake cakes, I'm afraid the outcome of all culinary College..." — says the actress.

Майские легкие блюда от Жанны Эппле

Young sprouts are rich, antioxidantive:

Salad of young cabbage


A small head of young cabbage, cucumber, two cloves of garlic, bunch of green onions, dill, parsley. For the filling: one to two tablespoons levetiracetam vinegar, vegetable oil, salt, pepper.

How to prepare:

Young cabbage finely chop and mash with your hands to give juice. Add salt, pepper and vinegar. Mix well. Then cover the bowl with cabbage with cling film and leave for 20-30 minutes. To put in the fridge is not necessary. Cucumbers cut into thin slices, garlic — thin petals. Mix with cabbage, add vinegar. Mix well. Greens finely chop and add to salad. Before serving, season the salad with vegetable oil. You can add fresh bell pepper.

Майские легкие блюда от Жанны Эппле

New potatoes can be eaten with the skin, since it just contains a lot of vitaminevreter:

Pike perch baked with potatoes


Perch fillet — 500 g, one kilo of new potatoes, two tablespoons flour, four tablespoons of vegetable oil, chopped fresh herbs, dry Basil, black pepper, salt.

How to prepare:

Potatoes peel and cut into slices, salt, sprinkle with Basil and pour oil. Fish season with salt and pepper. Roll walleye in flour and lightly fry in butter. For a taste of you quite a bit to fry the potatoes. If the fish is large — divide into pieces. On a baking sheet alternately arrange the fish and potatoes. Put in the oven, preheated to 180 degrees for 35-40 minutes. Readiness is determined by the potatoes.

By the way:

Potatoes are vitamins C and B. potatoes can be eaten with the skin, since it just contains a lot of vitamins. In addition, young potatoes 30 per cent fewer calories than last year. Baked with peel these potatoes are also good as tools for the purification of the liver and kidney treatment.

Zhanna Epple, star recipes

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