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7 misconceptions about healthy eating debunks myths about food, which we imbibed with mother's milk

Mistake # 1. You can not eat after six in the evening

Maybe once, in the days of our grandmothers, who became to work at 5 am and went to bed with the end of "Time" — at half past nine in the evening, the same procedure was correct. If you deviate to sleep at two o'clock, fasting all this time, completely useless. So you will not only benefit your figure, but also harm health.

7 заблуждений о здоровом питании

Your mode - your правила

Right to eat a light dinner three hours before sleep, and at six or seven o'clock in the evening you could be a heavy lunch.

Mistake # 2. Fats and carbohydrates are harmful for the body

Fats is really harmful for the figure and health, but is impossible without them proper metabolism, not digested, the vitamins A and E and reduces the production of sex hormones. Without fats aging and skin suffering from the liver.

To the best of their olive oil or butter, fish, meat. But the products that contain hidden fats: sausages, mayonnaise, biscuits, cakes should be removed from the diet.

7 заблуждений о здоровом питании

Cake contains fat, and carbohydrates, all of the пользу

Same story with the carbs — they're needed by the body. The only question that we receive them. Sugar, confectionery, sweet fruits and drinks brings the figure to the damage. And cereals, legumes, berries, vegetables, greens, which also contain carbohydrates, is an essential part of proper nutrition.

Mistake # 3. Snacking is not good

Since childhood we hear: "not kwasnica, don't grab the RAID, sit normally and eat." Of course, the main meals — Breakfast, lunch and dinner — no one cancels, but man, their energy may not be enough for the whole day. Therefore, snacks just need. Another thing is that it should be nuts, fruits, and not hot dog or fries.

7 заблуждений о здоровом питании

Snack does not mean фастфуд

Mistake # 4. To lose weight, need to eat separately

Our body is designed so that can simultaneously digest proteins, fats and carbohydrates. No need to separate them there. As there is no scientific evidence that food combining diet helps to lose weight.

7 заблуждений о здоровом питании

Separate meals will not help to get into old джинсы

The only thing that gives separate meals, so it's easy when counting calories consumed during a meal.

Mistake # 5. Black bread is healthier than white

Another inexplicable error. That black that white bread contain almost the same number of calories. Moreover, the dark color of the bread in many cases is achieved through dyes, not owing to the healthy tissue.

7 заблуждений о здоровом питании

Eat the right хлеб

If you have "no bread, no lunch", choose vitamin rich varieties of bran or yeast-free bread from whole grains.

Mistake # 6. Fruits and vegetables lose their vitamins when frozen, but retain the juice

Modern technology of freezing retain all essential nutrients in vegetables and fruits. Moreover, for example, gathered in season, and frozen strawberries are much healthier greenhouse grown in the winter.

7 заблуждений о здоровом питании

The juice a lot консервантов

But the juices from the vitamins and minerals contained in the fruit remains in the best case half. They do not contain valuable fiber.

Mistake # 7. All organic products are natural and useful

I have to disappoint you: in most cases, the inscription on the packaging "organic" is a marketing ploy. When growing these vegetables and fruits can also be used GMOs and pesticides, but they are much more expensive, since their price laid the cost of advertising and beautiful wrapping.

7 заблуждений о здоровом питании

Buy seasonal vegetables, they are less химии

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