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Soup for the soul: preparing goulash

Суп для души: готовим гуляш

This dish more than nine centuries. Rich thick soup with meat cooked by the shepherds in the pot on the fire. Hence its name gulyas, the Hungarian "shepherd" and "meat." wrote down a few recipesHungarian shepherds, leaving for distant pastures, they took with them fried in spices and dried pieces of beef, veal or lamb. When it was time to cook, they were thrown into boiling water pieces of meat and spices

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7 principles of good cheese plate

7 принципов правильной сырной тарелки

This product is a real artPrinciple # 1If you have in stock a couple of types of cheese, then serve each separately. For the same, make your dish look spectacular, it must be at least five varieties of this product, of course, different in taste.One or two kinds of cheese worthy of a separate подачиpixabay.comPrinciple # 2Cheeses are arranged clockwise, from smooth to more sharp. Fresh and soft types usually put "6 hours"

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Tiramisu from chef

Study the classic recipe of the famous dessertYou will need:– eggs — 3 PCs;– mascarpone — 250 g;– sugar — 100 g;– Savoiardi biscuits — 1 pack;– espresso — 100 ml;– cocoa powder — 2 tbsp. spoon;– Marsala wine or brandy 50 g.Since eggs use without cooking, then be sure to wash them thoroughly. Separate egg whites from yolks and mix whites with half the quantity of sugar to the so-called stable peaks

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What kind of food is prepared for Halloween

Какие угощения готовят на Хеллоуин

All saints day is celebrated in English-speaking countries. But thanks to the bright trappings of the holiday and mystical background he became popular all over the worldModern Housewives Halloween serves a variety of food, but always take into account popular a tradition in which children go from house to house and beg for sweets. Initially, all of the treats were prepared with the use of apples at this time they were collected. Now prepare candy, cupcakes, bake traditional bread

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Chinese noodles with shrimps

Very satisfying, moderately spicy, despite the long description, is preparing quite simpleYou will need:– Chinese noodles — 1 pack for 2 portions;– Small raw shrimp — 200 g;– garlic — 4 cloves;– butter — 2 tbsp;– green onion — a few feathers;– Cayenne pepper — 1 small pepper cut into slices;cream — 150 g;– vegetable oil — 1 tbsp;– flour — 1 tbsp;– water — 400 ml;– parsley — 5 sprigs;– salt and pepper — to taste.Clean the shrimp

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The salad with watermelon and feta from Catherine Spitz

The actress shares the recipe, which will help at least for a time to return in the summerYou will need:– watermelon — ⅓ part;– feta cheese — 200 g;– mint;lime ½ pieces;– olive oil;– pepper black. ground.How to cook: watermelon and feta into cubes, add mint leaves, pepper and pour over the juice of half a lime and olive oil.Subscribe to our channel in Yandex.Zen

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5 recipes dried plum

5 рецептов вяленой сливы

Make preparations for the winterRecipe No. 1Fans of Mediterranean cuisine to talk about the recipe of dried plums are not worth it, and those who have not tried, believe me — they are superb. You'll need Italian herbs, garlic, olive oil and plum themselves.Ingredients:plum — 1 kg;olive oil — 80 ml;sunflower oil — 50 ml;sea salt;a mixture of dried herbs — 2 tsp;dry Basil — 1 tsp

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Cook mussels in a creamy garlic sauce

They can be served as a separate dish or side dish of pasta or riceYou will need:– mussels — 1 kg;– salt, pepper;– butter — 30 g;– parsley — 8-10 sprigs;cream — 200 ml;– garlic — 4 cloves.Mussels wash and clean the valves of shells from the top, to remove "beards".In a deep frying pan in butter lightly fry the chopped garlic for 2 minutes.Put the mussels and fry for 5 minutes, cover and simmer until the disclosure of the sinks

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Salad with rice and cod liver from Sergei Zhigunov

Салат с рисом и печенью трески от Сергея Жигунова

The actor has already told you how to prepare halibut in Vladivostok, and now shared a salad recipeYou will need:– cod liver — 1 Bank;– red onion — 1 piece;– celery — 1 stalk;– rice — 100-150 g;– fennel — ½ PC;– apples — 2 PCs.Salad with rice and liver, trischitta: Anna Rusakova Ekaterina SensesHow to cook: thin slices slice the peeled apples, fennel and celery, add the finely chopped red onion, cooked rice and coarsely chopped cod liver. Salad season with salt and stir

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3 recipe with Antonovka

It is difficult to imagine autumn without the Russian Antonovka, one of the oldest varieties of apples developed in the nineteenth century. It Antonivka — perfect apples for urinating, as well as filling in pies. But cakes the imagination of chefs is not limited toPork with honey applesIngredients: 1 kg of pork, 2 Antonovka, 1 onion, 2-3 cloves of garlic, 2 tbsp honey, 1 tbsp sugar, salt, pepper, pinch of rosemary, vegetable oil

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