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Banana cupcake with walnuts and dried apricots

At any time of the day to enjoy a Cup of tea or coffee and piece of cake. Very easy to prepareYou will need:– 3 very ripe banana;– 100 gr. melted butter;– 2 eggs;– 2 teaspoons of baking powder;– 1 tbsp. sugar;– 2 tbsp. flour;– 1 sachet of vanilla sugar (or vanilla essence — 3-4 drops);– ½ Cup walnuts;– Washed ½ Cup dried apricots (soak is not necessary)

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Edible Japan: how to make your own sushi and tempura

Съедобная Япония: как приготовить в домашних условиях суши и темпура reveals some secrets of the cuisine of the rising sun and gives cooking classThe capture happened so very quickly. Just one day suddenly found that we all picked up sticks for dinner instead of the dumplings we order sushi, it is customary drink their sake, and in the lexicon appeared, the mysterious words: "gahon", "wasabi", "yakitori". Today Japanese cuisine for many Russians, not exotic, but something quite familiar — a fact important! — affordable

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Remember the summer: how to make sun-dried vegetables

Вспомнить лето: как сделать вяленые овощи

Due to such workpieces are stored vitamins and minerals, and most importantly, they can be eaten alone or added to other dishesSun-dried tomatoesIngredients: 2 kg fleshy tomatoes (a good fit "cream"), 200 ml of vegetable oil, 5-6 cloves of garlic, pinch of rosemary, pinch of ground black pepper, 4 tsp sugar, 2 tsp salt.Method of preparation: tomatoes wash, dry, remove the stalk, cut into halves or quarters and remove the seeds. Garlic cut into slices

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Shake avocado from Valerie

Шейк из авокадо от Валерии

The singer leads a healthy lifestyle and shares one of his signature recipesYou will need:Avocado — 1 PC;Honey — 2 tbsp;Basil green;Milk — 200 ml.Shake avocado, Galeriefoto: Anna Rusakova Ekaterina SensesHow to cook:avocado, Basil leaves, honey and milk in a blender until smooth. Pour into glasses.Follow us on Yandex

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5 facts about coffee that you should alert

5 фактов о кофе, которые вас должны насторожить

Caffeine is not as harmless as it seemsFact # 1Caffeine turns people into slaves of habit, for many it is a real addiction. The body begins to suffer without the new portion of the drug. Most people can't imagine their morning without a Cup of tea or coffee, and so it goes on decade in their lives.Many people can't imagine a morning without негоpixabay.comFact # 2 Many people think that if they do not drink sweet drinks, they do not drink caffeine

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Lora Reznikova: "Try not to eat all sorts of rubbish, but not because of fighting for the health out of respect for your body"

The actress loves Mediterranean cuisine and shared with his signature recipeLaura, you're an actress, screenwriter. Probably, and sometimes forget to eat?— Yes, unfortunately. And in those moments, I better keep away from the temptation of sweet desserts and good pizza. (Laughs.)— Now all are fond of good food. You too?— Very restrained. Of course, I try not to eat all sorts of rubbish, but not because of the struggle for health, but rather out of respect for your body

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7 products for beauty and health

7 продуктов для красоты и здоровья

Check your list before going to the storeApple cider vinegar Well reduces bloating, helps clear skin and improves the alkali in the body. Should take in the morning, spreading a teaspoon of vinegar in a glass of water.Apple cider vinegar is in almost every хозяйкиpixabay.comBerriesBlueberries, blackberries and raspberries contain fiber and antioxidants. In season this is a wonderful, tasty and healthy pulls.The berries are rich in антиоксидантамиpixabay

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What can you make out of watermelon

Что можно приготовить из арбуза

September is the time of watermelons. And this berry can be eaten not only in itself, but to use in recipes1Нардек (watermelon honey)Ingredients: watermelonCooking time: 2.5 hoursHow to cook: cut the flesh from the watermelon and cut into pieces. Cheesecloth folded into several layers to separate the seeds from the pulp. And begin to squeeze the juice. Ready to juice again pass through a clean cheesecloth. Juice pour into a saucepan with a thick bottom and put on fire

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How to cook fried melon

Как приготовить жареную дыню learned how to select these fragrant fruits, and wrote down a few recipesWhen choosing cantaloupe you first need to pay attention to its appearance: the fruit should be free of dents, irregularities in color, spots, grey or brown spots, which indicate disease of the fetus. Also, the melon should not be deep cracks. And if you hold your fingers over the skin, or gently with your fingernail on itself, the fingers and the nail plate should remain clean

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Haddock baked in marinade

Instead of haddock, you can use cod or any other white fishYou will need:– haddock — 700 g;– onions — 1 piece;– tomatoes in the marinade — 300 g;– salt to taste.The fish is cleaned, gut it and put in an oval shape (you can take the fillets). The prepared fish with salt and pepper, you can sprinkle any special seasoning "To fish", put the onion cut into half rings. Add salt carefully because the marinade already has salt

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