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A sure recipe: minced chicken liver

Беспроигрышный рецепт: рубленая куриная печень

Not all belong to the liver positively, and it is in vain - properly cooked, it can become a real delicacy! One of the most tasty options when the liver first is roasted and then ground. If there is not enough sauce, add a bit of goose fat or butter, and finished in the liver can pour 1-2 tablespoons of sweet wine

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It is important that when you save the taste qualities of the food was still useful. Furthermore, the process of cooking your favorite dishes should be easy and enjoyable, not to become a severe test

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Buon appetito: prepare Panna котту with a BlackBerry

Buon appetito: готовим панна котту с ежевикой

There is an opinion that the Italians are not very good at cooking desserts - chief is considered a delicacy ice cream. But in fact they invented Panna котту! Try to make this delicate desserts yourself. Grappa for Panna Cotto can be replaced rum, cognac or aromatic infusion, and if you children, alcohol is better not to add

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Italian kitchen: ossobuco with prunes

Итальянская кухня: оссобуко с черносливом

If you are a foodie and love brain pits, then this is a brilliant dish for you! Usually ossobuco prepare the famous Milan recipe: the meat of a calf long simmering in wine with zest and herbs, and with prunes meat becomes even more tender

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Ceramic tableware and weight loss

Керамическая посуда и похудение

A few years ago, utensils made of ceramics seemed to be a relic of the distant past - immediately thought of the variety of pottery, vases and bowls on display in the archaeological museums. However, we found that ceramics have yet to win a leading position in cooking - now without frying pans, pans and other utensils with ceramic coating, it is difficult to imagine kitchen good hostess who can and loves to cook

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