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Eggplant with pepper, garlic and cheese

In the heat of the vegetables very good, and they look at the-year-old appetizing and will decorate any tableYou will need:– 2 eggplant;– 1 pepper;– 70 g of cheese type Russian;– 4 cloves of garlic;– vegetable oil for frying;– herbs, salt to taste.Eggplant and season with salt and cut into "tongues" and fry in vegetable oil, roasted eggplant, place on a napkin or sieve, to stack excess fat

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Fillet of cod in batter protein

Easy summer lunch: serve the fish with fresh or roasted vegetables and sauce. Recipes batter there are many, I took the easy protein optionYou will need:– 1 large cod fillet;– ½ Lemon;– oil for frying;– salt, pepper to taste.For the batter:– 3 protein;– 3 tbsp. spoon of flour;2 tbsp of water;Sol.Cod fillet cut into small pieces, pepper and drizzle with lemon juice, leave to marinate for about 40 minutes. Salting in advance is not necessary

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Recipes zucchini from

Рецепты из кабачков от

Zucchini can be steamed, fried, cook and make preparations for the winter. Besides it is very useful dietary product, so we try and experiment!About the tavern there is a beautiful legend. Many years ago Indian women suffered greatly due to the fact that their husbands are long gone into the ocean for fish. And women prayed to their gods and asked for a replacement fish of the same delicious color of sea water in the moonlight and skin like a turtle

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3 recipe for a healthy snack

3 рецепта для здорового перекуса

Nutritionist says than to satisfy hunger between meals without compromising your diet"The basis of a healthy diet is a balanced diet and the right combination of products, which allows them to be better absorbed," — says dietitian Natalie Makienko, who taught to eat right, keep the ideal weight and improved the life of more than 12 thousand girls.And recommended snacks, which are essential to the body, if there is hunger between meals

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Cold soups: recipes national

Hot soup in the heat is kind of weird. But cold soups in the summer — it is the best choice. It is not surprising that virtually every national cuisine has its own cold soupBeetrootIngredients: 4-5 small sokolac, 3-4 cucumber, 3-4 eggs, 1 bunch of dill, ½ bunch green onions, 2 tsp lemon juice, mustard, sour cream, salt, sugar.Method of preparation: clean the beets and chop sticks. 1.5–2 liters of water bring to boil, add 1-1,5 tbsp sugar, salt, lemon juice

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Pie with sour cream and apricots

This is a real summer dessert! Hurry to try it while the season lasts apricotsYou will need:– 3 eggs;– 10 apricots;– 120 grams of sour cream 15% fat;– 300 grams of flour;– 2 teaspoons of baking powder;– 150 g of sugar;– a pinch of salt;– 120 grams of butter.The oil will keep at room temperature until soft, mix butter with white sugar, add sour cream, eggs, baking powder, salt and flour. If you like vanilla flavor, you can add vanilla sugar or a few drops of vanilla essence

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Soup of dried mushrooms with noodles and meatballs

Can be cooked from fresh mushrooms — suitable for both white and chanterellesYou will need:– dried mushrooms — 50-70 g (300 g fresh);– carrots — 1 piece (take a small carrot, about 100 g);– onion — ½ PC;noodles for Laghman — 100 g;– salt — 1 tsp;– Bay leaf — 1 PC;.– black pepper — 5-6 peasFor meatballs:– 1 chicken breast — 150 g;– ½ Eggs;– onion — ½ PC;– salt, pepper to taste.Mushrooms soak beforehand in cold water for a few hours

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Jam of apricots with lemon

Chef recommends: the lemon will add a sweet apricots, nice acidityYou will need:– apricots — 1 kg;– sugar — 1 kg;– juice of ½ lemon.Apricots wash, cut in half, remove seeds. Cook the sugar syrup from calculation 1 kg of sugar to 1 Cup water. Berries pour the syrup and let stand for a few hours. Cook in 3 divided doses for 10 minutes and let stand for 6-8 hours

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Puff with apricots and almonds

Cakes with apricots-very tasty, but simple to prepareYou will need:– 1 pack frozen puff pastry (2 sheets);– 4 large apricots;– 1 package of almonds (50 gr.);– sugar for topping.Defrost the dough according to the instructions, cut each sheet into 4 pieces. Apricots cut in half and remove the pits. In the middle of the sheet place the almonds and the top cover with half of the apricot

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Eggplant caviar from the chef

Summer ground vegetables are especially tasty, and no need to worry about dimiceliYou will need:– 3 small eggplants (better to take smaller, younger eggplants);– 2 tomatoes-cream;– 1 bell pepper;– 1 onion;– 2 cloves of garlic;– 1 small carrot;– 3 tbsp vegetable oil for frying;– spices: salt (a little less than a teaspoon), sugar 1 dessert spoon vinegar 1 dessert spoon black pepper — pinch;– parsley and Basil — to taste

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