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Stuffed pike from Sogdiana

Фаршированная щука от Согдианы

Popular singer and mother of two sons somehow finds the time to cook. At the request she shared the recipe of your signature dish"Our family has always prepared mom, I could only help her to clean and cut the vegetables, wash the dishes. Mom always told me: "All the time". Somehow I do not wipe the table, and dad told me this: "If you wipe the table my husband, he'll throw you out". (Laughs.) And when I got married, learned to bake Russian and Ossetian pies, bread, cakes

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Lenten borscht with dried mushrooms

A light first dish, which is great for started fasting, but the fasting will have to give up sour creamYou will need:– dried mushrooms;– cabbage — 200 g;– potatoes — 200 g;– beets — 300 g;– tomato paste — 1 tbsp;– carrots — 1 piece;– onions — 1 piece;– salt, pepper to taste;– herbs, parsley;– vinegar — 1 tbsp. spoon;– Bay leaf — 2 PCs.First, cook the mushroom soup. Dried mushrooms can be pre-soaked if they are very dry

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The most unusual star pancake recipes

Самые необычные звездные рецепты блинов

Anna Peskova, Ilana Yuryeva, Anastasia Tregubova and other celebrities said than spoiling them at the carnivalAnastasia Tregubova happy extended family"We used to do pancakes or pancakes on Shrove Tuesday, place toppings, and everyone chooses something to add: someone sweet, who is salty. But I want to please the home, so I found this recipe — pancake rolls with three kinds of toppings.Bake thin pancakes. You can use your favorite recipes

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How to bake a "male" pancakes

Actor Sergey Gubanov shared with his recipe for carnival"My house is now in full swing go repair. Really there's no place to sleep, and about any baking pancakes and even speech can not be. So I have the Carnival will be in the form of a hike in the cafe with my daughters (Sergei three daughters — approx.ed.) or going to the gym, where my services in the pancakes 5-10-12 pounds. (Laughs.)In the recipe I know, the batter for pancakes is too long, and the pancakes too quickly baked

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5 lifehacks for storage capricious products

5 лайфхаков для хранения капризных продуктов

Your food will remain fresh for a long timeBreadUnfortunately, this product hardens quickly, and even worse — moldy due to poor quality. There are a few secrets that will extend the life of baked goods. First, buy bread in the checked place. Secondly, prefer a whole loaf or a loaf, not sliced industrial.The bread is delicious свежимpixabay.comThe crust must protect the pulp from the oxygen, then the bread will not be long to grow stale

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The most unusual pancake recipes

Mardi Gras is in full swing. share options making pancakes that will surprise even the most experienced cooksPancakes are considered one of the most ancient dishes of Russian cuisine. Their references found in the Chronicles of the IX century, even in pagan times. Scientists have found even approximate years 1005-1006. the Word "damn" supposedly comes from the word "Mlyn", that is grinding. There is a legend how did the first man

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A value of 7 days carnival

Значение 7 дней Масленицы

Preparing for the evening mother-in-law and zolovkina gatheringsCarnival is one of the most fun and anticipated holidays of the year, which lasts exactly 7 days. Before entering Great lent, it is customary to say good-bye to winter, enjoy the upcoming spring bake pancakes — a symbol of the sun and visit each other's homes. Pancake week in 2018 will start on 12 February and will end on February 18.Monday First day of Maslenitsa is called "Meeting"

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Alska puff with prunes and walnuts

Flaky biscuits from the English town of Eccles (Eccles cake) — the perfect complement to a Cup of tea. The original recipe for these muffins with raisins, but I really like the version with prunes and walnutsYou will need:– 1 package puff pastry;– prunes, pitted 150 gr;– walnuts — 50 gr;– brown cane sugar for sprinkling;– cognac — 2 tbsp.;– 1 egg yolk; cinnamon – 0.5 tsp.Preheat the oven to 200 degrees.Finely chop prunes and soak in brandy, walnuts and finely chop

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5 rules for the use of water

5 правил употребления воды

How much, how and when you need to drink to be healthyRule # 1All probably already heard the advice that the day should drink two liters of water or eight glasses. It is not so. Petite girl living in the North, you need a lot less liquid than large man, located in the southern latitudes. Consult with your dietitian, he will pick the norm for you.Number of water needed depends on the mass телаpixabay.comRule # 2Bottle or bowl of water should always be at hand

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Orange mood: add citrus fruits to your diet

Оранжевое настроение: добавьте цитрусы в свой рацион

In Russia, orange is one of the most popular winter fruits. found the recipes wonderful dishes with these delicious and healthy fruitsSalad with orangesIngredients: 2 oranges, 80 g feta, ½ red onion, 1 tbsp vegetable oil,½ Yalta onion, 1 tbsp olive oil ½ tbsp balsamic vinegar, 1 bunch of lettuce (can be lettuce, or a mixture), a few sprigs of parsley, salt, freshly ground pepper.Method of preparation: first you need to make salad dressing. Squeeze the juice of ½ orange

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