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Russian players have rest from the world championship

Stars of our football did not hesitate its disastrous performance in Rio de Janeiro and already divided vacation experiences.

Российские футболисты отдыхают от чемпионата мира

Yuri and Inna Zhirkova. Photo:

After yesterday's dramatic final of the world Cup even a star, like the Argentine Lionel Messi, not ashamed of his tears. But as touching fans crying in the chamber players of the national team of Brazil the day before? The contrast look photos of our think themselves that nothing showing in the tournament, quietly went to rest. Not worried. Probably, preparing for the new season of the championship of Russia, which will start on August 1.

So, the Russian captain Vasily Berezutsky went with the family to the sea. In his blog he did not specify where. But they say, that the Maldives.

berezutskiy24: “Son to the Pope arrived.

Российские футболисты отдыхают от чемпионата мира

Vasily Berezutsky. Photo:

Longtime companion of Berezutski on CSKA Sergey Ignashevich went with his family in Italy. He decided to gain strength on the shore of the largest Italian lake Garda, at the foot of the Alps. The views are really impressive.

ignashevich4: “#lakegarda#garda#italy

Российские футболисты отдыхают от чемпионата мира

Sergei Ignashevich. Photo:

Yuri Zhirkov has chosen rest easier. He traditionally went to his home to Tambov. Together with his wife Inna they ride on the boat, walking on the fresh air, move on vintage cars. They say that after the Tambov couple went to relatives Inna in Kaliningrad.

Yuryzhirkov: “the Car is 43 years, which gave us the father. The shape of the red army sample of the 40th year of my collection”.

Российские футболисты отдыхают от чемпионата мира

Yuri and Inna Zhirkova. Photo:

Tamara Astapenka


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