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Vlad Sokolovsky selects the rest of the city

Singer and TV presenter invited WomanHit to his house, where quickly from the city macho reincarnated in a real connoisseur of village life.

Влад Соколовский выбирает отдых за городом

Vlad Sokolovsky likes to relax at the cottage. Photo: Maya Quilava.

"When I come to the country, always feel the warmth and care of their parents. They are able to create a real family spirit, from which you do not want to leave. Here, I take the phone away and enjoy the peace and quiet. Sometimes I just sleep and in the morning returned to the city. Try outdoors at least once or twice in two weeks. And if time allows, and more, " says Vlad.

The weather on the day of our meeting was rather fall: it was drizzling, the temperature is only 15 degrees. But at the cottage family Sokolovsky was an atmosphere of warmth and coziness, which was spoken of by the contractor. Even gathered a cloud in the sky no one was scared and was forced to hide in the house. Parents of the singer was invited to have a Cup of tea in the open air, but we chose to sit on the comfortable chairs in the gazebo. Eye immediately rushed a huge white mushrooms near the trees.

- Real?

"Of course not, " laughs Sokolovsky. - For some reason, all of our guests take these mushrooms for edible, and even their very non-standard size are not concerned. And they are only decorative element, Mama tried. Loves to decorate the area with all sorts of beautiful things.

Влад Соколовский выбирает отдых за городом

Vlad Sokolovsky tries as often as possible outdoors. Photo: Maya Quilava.

- But those beautiful things, perhaps you have equipped the cottage? - I'm interested in, pointing in the direction of the machine and a punching bag.

Of course, it's our father and male fun. He was engaged in Boxing for six years, and we often train with him, to keep in shape. Here even the backboard there, I like to leave the ball. Also often with friends playing volleyball, soccer, and ride longbord (a type of skateboard - approx. ed.) - without sport anywhere!

A few minutes later, the father and the son demonstrated the skills, wearing Boxing gloves and putting each other's blows. For fun, of course, family.

Влад Соколовский выбирает отдых за городом

Even on the country singer not forget to train. Photo: Maya Quilava.

Guests love to take?

- I have more to say, we've formed a sort of boarding house. Friends call and ask if they can come to us for a few days to just eat, breathe fresh air and relax from the bustle of the city. Of course, we gladly accept their and having a good time. Our cottage was the hangout place for loved ones - it's great!

- So, you give love a tasty meal. Who usually prepares?

- Culinary delights us mostly indulge parents. But I also love anything bungled, especially I manage pilaf. When you arrive, all with one voice asking to cook this dish. And I always do things responsibly: choose a specific meat, select rice, in General, comply with all rules for a delicious pilaf. Receive from process a lot of fun. But to the grill father not let me, because the barbecue is part of it. So prepare that yum.

Влад Соколовский выбирает отдых за городом

Father Sokolovsky was engaged in Boxing, and now gladly fulfills the blows with his son. Photo: Maya Quilava.

To eat in the fresh air, as you know, I love everything, especially insects. Waving from pesky mosquitoes, which involuntarily faces every cottager, Vlad confessed that blood-sucking already used. You only have to acquire special sprays and creams, and the rest will not be marred by any bites.

The mosquitoes here there are very biting, but where the same without them? I just didn't notice - sprayed clothes and body "killing" means and sit quietly in nature. Without such protection in the village can not do.

- They especially love to attack his victims from the water. Maybe you and the pool have?

- Currently no pool, but we plan to have one - will expand. And bath already decided to build, because sweating is our male family tradition. Not far from us there is a lake, where I often bathe. Therefore, water treatments I have quite enough.

Walking trails near the house, we got to the hammock, hidden in the depths of the trees, which likes to relax Vlad. However, today it prelexical failed - hammock collapsed, barely artist managed to sit down on it. After walking a little further, we came across a fern impressive size, which treats the mother of the artist. Sitting at a plant, Vlad began to meditate. As it turned out, the fern is another good place to stay alone, so you need a creative person.

Влад Соколовский выбирает отдых за городом

The hammock could not stand the weight of the singer... Photo: Maya quilava.

In recognition of the singer, on nature, in peace and quiet to it often comes Muse who helps him write the music.

Here I imagine a lot of interesting ideas to create musical compositions. But without special equipment, of course, difficult to do. So I write down all thoughts born on the means at hand, and on returning home implement them.

Finally, we looked to Vlad in the kitchen, and he over a Cup of tea shared with WomanHit recipe pilaf which he indulges their loved ones.

Влад Соколовский выбирает отдых за городом

...So Vlad had found another place for relaxation. Photo: Maya Quilava.

To prepare the pilaf we will need: 1 kg of rice, 500 grams of meat, bacon, onion, carrot, 2 cloves of garlic, pepper, vegetable oil. And, of course, salt and spices.

So, let's begin:
Cut carrot strips, the meat is divided into larger pieces, onion cut into rings. The frying pan should be very heat and put her fat. After the fat little toasted - take out. Now you need to pour on the oil pan and put a mutton bone - so pilaf will be more fragrant and Romania. When the bone is browned, remove it and add the onion, which should thoroughly browned. When this happens, immediately put the meat and sleeps carrots. Let cooked out for about five minutes and add the peppers, garlic and salt. Fill with water to the meat was completely covered with water. We now turn to rice: thoroughly wash it and evenly applied to the meat, but do not stir. Cover with a lid and let the pilaf stand fifteen minutes. Bon appetit!


Maya Gvilava


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