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Roman Zhukov invited WomanHit on skewers

Famous singer with his family adores spending summer days at the cottage with his girlfriend, TV presenter Katya Guseva. Leisure star family does not differ from the entertainment of the common people: sitting around the campfire, the new harvest and concerts on the summer veranda. Correspondent WomanHit visited in a luxury country house and learned how to live and what does the national star of showbiz.

Роман Жуков пригласил WomanHit на шашлык

Roma Zhukov with family and Katya Guseva. photo: Gertrude Sigareva

The mansion, in which we went, located just one hour drive from Moscow, in a quiet forest village. On the site there is everything for an active holiday: huge inflatable pool, volleyball and table tennis and even a makeshift stage for summer concerts. The house itself is made in uncharacteristic for our country Scandinavian style with large panoramic Windows, sloping roofs and airy colours.

Роман Жуков пригласил WomanHit на шашлык

At Villa Roma Zhukov pleasure to fry a shish kebab. Photo: Gertrude Sigareva.

- I like that this house is markedly different from the adjacent houses, shares WomanHit Roma Zhukov. - It has its own unique character: calm, unhurried, thorough.

- In the suburbs, probably never will see the country, performed in Norwegian style - connects to our conversation the landlady, media personality Katya Guseva. More we love to build houses from the classic red brick. But most importantly - our house made by all the rules of Feng Shui. This is a great force!

Роман Жуков пригласил WomanHit на шашлык

All family Zukovich with pleasure rides the ball on the plot. Photo: Gertrude Sigareva.

And that implies the Feng Shui of a country cottage? - we are interested in.

First of all, should seriously consider the choice of the site itself, explains Guseva. - Depends on how will you feel in your new home. It is better to find a clean and nice place, so you do not adjust it. For example, our area was originally forested. When building a house it was important for us to preserve all the trees. So our house is in the middle between birch and fir trees. Chinese sages believe that positive energy is where lush plants and a lot of greenery. Feng Shui is always recommended to build houses only from natural materials. Our house is the place where properly rises and the sun sets. So it always keeps the light cool. It consists only of straight faces that take away bad energy.

Роман Жуков пригласил WomanHit на шашлык

Watering the garden is a favorite pastime medium daughters Roma Zhukov. Photo: Gertrude Sigareva.
Suburban acres in the family are not spent just a small part of the land is planted. Family Zukovich gladly help with the housework.

Middle daughter's love pour over the cucumbers from the children's heads and to watch how they grow, " says the singer.

Роман Жуков пригласил WomanHit на шашлык

Roma Zhukov has promised his children to build a chicken coop. Photo: Gertrude Sigareva.

And while we're with Roman and his wife Elena walked along the flower beds, children Zhukov ran. The eldest daughter Polina fled to ride a bike, twirling in circles around the house. The son of Nikita kicked a soccer ball into the goal, the middle daughter went on the swings, playing with dolls, and only the youngest lay quietly with nanny on the green grass and listened as she reads her stories. However, less than ten minutes, leaving a pink bike to the Novel with a cry of joy ran 10-year-old daughter: "Daddy, look! There chicken!" It seemed that the surprise of the child there is no limit. In one moment all the kids gathered near the coop. "We're sure these will keep, Yes? Promise!" - demanded the kids.

Роман Жуков пригласил WomanHit на шашлык

The whole family Roma Zhukov likes to gather at the cottage Katya Guseva. Photo: Gertrude Sigareva.
- Well, what am I to do? - complains artist. - Of course! Choose rustic family nest and from there our entire home zoo: dog, cat and rabbit, which you are forced to buy last year!

Gertrude Sigareva


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